Negative Ultra-evolution percentage?

This isn’t an important topic, but I found it amusing and curious.

I trained my Lavachimera thirty times, and it evolved to Flamechimera, but it’s ultra-evolution bar is at-2%. It just seems like it should’ve just not evolved yet.

It’s cool, just odd, has anyone else had this happen?

Yes, usually when I use 30 training point of any new monster it usually ends on -5% to 5%(depends on how good was your training) of the experience needed to evolve to the next stage, this happen because most of the monster are set to evolve from the first stage to the second at 30 training points (dosnt matter the stats) but then to evolve it to the last stage it isnt based on used training points, you need to max the stats and the % is based on how close you are to max those stats (100%), my guess is the delveloper set a min and max stat “posible” for that evo to obtain and you are under the min stats, however this wont be a problem you can keep training it like a normal monster.

Ah interesting thanks! I’d assumed evolution was based entirely on stats.