So, as annoying as this guy is and I think he has some serious problems. He did beat the last scb battle fairly.

Lol what happened?

Respectful behavior of you to a disrespectful person. The only thing that this happening shows is that he has some real real problems and that you stand to your word.

What happened in regards to what?

now I’m curious as to how he beat the recent scb.

Sklunatic if you’re asking why am I posting it’s because I said in the UC fourm that I didn’t believe with the fact that he has only played 20 days and with the team he has that he beat this particular scb. The legendary that he has is particularly vulnerable to poison. He said if he showed me his team and strat that I need to make a new post saying I was wrong. So I was wrong. But he is very pushy. I get email notifications on my phone and check my emails and he would be like I noticed your online post now. Such and such. I told him I wouldn’t share his strat or his legendary but you’ll see it in PvP. No top 100 or even 200 not sure what that lvl is has anything to worry about his team. So not sure why he is scared to share it. Hell I’ll share my PvP team and I’m frequently in the top 100.

Ya i saw the whole chat now well first of all 20 days its fake nd 120+ games in 20 days not possible untill u pay for it nd he got ocarino i guess well within 20 days there were no event of ocarino he have it.

One does not simply question our lord VNsuper, without whom lots of pussies would never be destroyed :).



That I can’t speak to I don’t remember.
Ice real. I don’t want my forum locked. Let’s keep it civil.

so this is your apology? :slight_smile: You called me liar, cheater etc and you need proof for what I did. I gave you everything.
You said you will apologize me. But what are you doing here? You can find a woman dress and wear it from now on.

Respectful behavior? Are you stupid? According to what he said, he has to say sorry to me :slight_smile: and look he is acting like a woman. Remember he called me liar and cheater first. And who are you in this story? You suck

I already destroyed your mom’s puss*, my poopy :smiley:

Another stupid guy, you can not do something, it does not mean other people can’t. And what the heaven is Ocarino?

It’s an ingredient monster that you showed in a video of yours

The ocarino thing is weird

Last one offered was almost a month ago

In the tower as I remember

Where did you get that?

Protectors of Cainsville perhaps? it was the reward for I think the 1st level of the 2nd to the last battle.

He reached that as well?

Dunno, hahaha, I really don’t care, I’ll just play my game and if ever I encounter him in PVP then I’ll wipe the floor with his team. :slight_smile:

Lol I remember I got it from the event that has a blonde girl in the tower. We did not have that event in 20 days??? Check your memory Lunartic

why not???

Good luck making friends and getting in their clan…

Which clan is he joining??


*grabs popcorn*

If we’re having a vote like we did with WeAreNumberTwo, I’m not voting for him. He’s very disrespectful.