Well i guess this update that was sent to apple before christmas must have got lost. Shame really because in 5 days time if pvp aint fixed im quitting. Will he givjng my save.info away if anyone wants it.

I’m getting pretty tired of hearing these complaint posts. The update is done, we’re waiting on Apple. You’re not helping anyone by informing us that you’re going to quit. Send a message to Apple and voice your complaint there, because there’s nothing anyone on this forum can do for you.

We understand the frustration. The developers want the update to be out as much as you do. But there’s nothing they can do and there’s nothing we can do except patiently wait.

So please do that and quit the complaining.

I’m sorry you feel like you have to leave. All I can say is that maybe you should just take a break and come back later. Don’t leave permanently, give HI a chance. Don’t mind the update. You’ve waited for a long time. It’s coming out soon - as in a week or two soon, according to some people. So you can wait a little longer, right?

Also, while I am all for complaining it is true that it’s going to do nothing if y’all keep posting complaint threads.

Proposal: Complain to one of your friends instead of making public posts.

^ Probably will get me shouted at, but really, I can understand how people want or actually need to complain. It releases steam and relieves stress. I know, because I complain a lot.

But, um, I’m concerned about that save file… is it actually allowed to give away save files?

I would say that it isn’t.

Ryan Said in chat to me that its gonna be out in 2 Weeks , at least he hopes

Just so you know, giving away your save file to someone else and then letting that person use will get flagged in the update, so I highly recommend not giving it away

And I’m sorry you’re leaving, Temp but sitting here complaining on every thread doesn’t help it come out faster.

As Ashley said, blame Apple and move on.

Lol if I did that…I’d have a grudge on yahoo and apple. Gotta add google to the list and I don’t know what to do XD

Iknow Why u have a grudge against Yahoo lol

Yahoo is eevvill

Let’s at least try to keep this on topic. ^^;

Though, erm, I’m not really sure what there is to discuss anymore. 

I guess im just venting my anger. I e already emailed apple twice now about this. But not much else i can do i may just take a break from it until its updated. Would be a shame to give up on it just yet.

And its fine to take a break from a game. I like a good game but even I have to step away and go do other things

Ya thats true lol. Sorry guys for alm ky rage comments. Our lucky none played reign of dragons with me. I led a 10,000 player boycott for them to make changes on the game. Which was very successful lol

So there’s gna be an update on the game ?? :)))) I’m so excited I just recently beat the game like 3 weeks ago. An all I’ve been doing now is just try to get all the arks. Like the dragons ( which I have ) but now I need to get them again to fuse them. Does anyone know what new changes the update will bring ?

Well im hoping u come back when the game is better than what it now is

The story was great its the pvp bugs. But ino there trying im just a grumpy kinda guy lol. Il be back i left dib until they made that new update and finished it all over again lol

Okay so we Will see u back in the future!