Valentine algorithm

Is there any chance the odds aren’t as stated?

Probably not.

its just so unusual- the odds are usually a dead on for the game. The developers do an amazing job with it- but it’s not just me that the odds have been off on. Seems the trend rather than the norm that the odds are coming in lower than stated.

One account had got 6 chocolates 12 hours ago from all the battles at 15% drop rates.

One account still got NOTHING by participating only the battles at 40% drop rates.

nice i guess my luck at 15% really sucks

I thought they were pretty spot on. I always attempted Master and it must have taken me around eight tries per chapter to achieve both morselmon.

Tabriz- the stated odds for master are 40%, and your odds were 25%.

I only just scraped past the second one (expert) first time round. Nothing. Died second time on it.

So done two rookies. Nothing.

Two experts. Nothing and I died in one.

So I’m stuck on rookie. Have a feeling I won’t be able to finish this event either.

Wish the devs would make an event where lower levels can actually finish it.

I think the odds are pretty spot on. I used Master for my first 5, got 1 out of every 3 matches (roughly). For my last one I went for 25% and got it on my 4th attempt.

Doesn’t make any sense that the odds lower for master than they are for expert. Seems like the odds should be better the higher the didficulty, but expert gives you the best chance for the ticket cost.