Updates and potion waisting :)

Surely many of you (players) have felt bad more than once about the potions you waisted on certain monsters after updates comes up.
Actual case: Skeleviathan just had a really big speed nerf and, as we all know, the only reason someone could ever have to pot him was due to its past speed; therefore, we all waisted those 9 potions (there is no need to explain why such a slow monster with only protective skills does not need potions).
Despite the need to nerf rock lock, I think devs should have thought Skeleviathan’s case a little bit more. It is not the first time they practically kill a monster in order to nerf a strategy and, as a consequence, we waist a precious amount of potions.
Lemme point out that I refer to it as “precious” cause they actually are: we need to play and almost always complete entire events in order to get 1 or 2 of these objects (4 in some cases but not more than that), and then we carefully choose the best monster to give them. It is obvious there will be some discontent towards the game when we see we sent those potions to the garbage after an update.
In the past, devs made very radical changes on Dusi, Flocco and Goldtail and, since they new many of us bought them from the store with tickets, and tickets gathering takes a lot of time, they allowed us to exchange those monsters back once the update was released. I think there should be some similar treatment with this potion matter. It is something that will keep happening with every update. “If the monster is heavily affected”, like actual Skeleviathan’s case, we players should have the option to recuperate the potions waisted in the particular monster.

Edit: I’ll explain Skeleviathan’s case anyway in order newer players could understand too:
It was a 90% protector monster, so you wanted to get it +9 in a way it can activate it’s protection skill before some of the fastest rival monsters gets turn and force them to attack Skeleviathan with it’s increased defense and death revenge effect. It was the main purpose of this monster. It is obvious that now with 42% speed, even +9 it will get its turn pretty much before almost nothing, so there is no point on spending 9 potions on it.


What do you suggest for mythics?

So far, even when devs need to nerf a mythic, they have never done it to the point of killing it. They make it less powerful but definitely still powerful and useful (ex: Bastia), and they don’t use to actually nerf the mythic, but the strategy that is over-exploited around it (take Cynthia for example). Also, mythics don’t require potions so, in any case, it would be a different thread.

Firstly, if you spent any more than 5 potions on Skeleviathan then you had already wasted some potions.

Secondly, the monster is still playable and actually those potions now reduce the time until its first turn by more seconds. You’re making the assessment that it’s “practically killed” literally right after reading the update notes; I think you’re being too hyperbolic.


I totally agree, with skeleviathan it’s the third time it’s happened to me, gathering the 9 potions takes time and an update arrives, it screws up the monster to the point of leaving it almost useless and 9 potions to hell, do something with it @Dev_VKC


Firstly, I strongly desagree.


I read the update and tested the monster (I already had a team with it). After a 5 or 6 games I can affirm that in fact the monster is practically dead.

You see, I expected your usual “everything is fine the way it is” post but with those comments it seems like you were teaching some basic stuff to a player that’s been around for like 5 years… I mean, if I got it +9, I obviously tested first if it really needed them. If I say is almost dead, it’s because I tested it first too.

Anyway, Skeleviathan is just the case that was presented with this update. My goal with this thread is that they give us the option to recover the gems spent in a particular monster after it gets a heavy nerf.
If we take Skeleviathan as an example: you think it is still fine but many others (as you can see in this thread) don’t. Players should be able to have this choice and leave it potted or not, just like Devs allowed us to do when Dusi, Flocco and Goldtail got nerfed and we recovered the tickets. They gave us a limited time choice and we all took it; that was more than fair.


Dusicyon, Flocculasaurus and Goldtail were all redesigned, which is why they offered a refund for them.

Sorry to be so critical. I don’t like negativity, that’s why I usually take the stance “everything is fine, deal with it”.

I get how it’s annoying, but we get a whole lot more buffs than nerfs. I think in the grand scheme of things it’s not a big deal, especially compared when mythics get nerfed and people have invested real money into awakening them. General balance changes are something which we all sign up for in this game. Skeleviathan was definitely enabling some really horrible setups and I think it’s better with it nerfed. Personally, I would’ve just switched petrify revenge to payback revenge so it can stay doing what it does but without the horrible enabling of “tracking” setups (e.g. Maeve + Kanna).

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Yeah…but I don’t think this is a negative thread at all. If you read it more carefully, you’ll notice I never made a nerf analysis. Maybe Skele’s nerf is good for the game and maybe not, I don’t know. I took the monster as an example since it’s what most recently happened.
Updates will keep coming and monsters will keep getting nerfs everytime game balance is needed. I think it would be very considerated for players if they give of the opportunity to rethink potions distribution after a “big” nerf comes out. It generates a lot of discontent so I’m pretty sure having this option would improve game experience.

I think you meant to say “Dusicyon was redesigned while Flocculasaurus and Goldtail were brutally murdered, which is why they offered a refund for them.”

@DRACARYS I’m glad skeleviathan was nerfed but I would really like to see the devs offer better compensation for the legendaries they keep butchering.


They can actually make a feature where if you Pot legendaries,you can later remove the potions with a cool down :tipping_hand_man:

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