Update the rare egg pool & feature limited monsters

Please update the rare egg pool sometime soon. We haven’t had any updates in a long long while and it would really encourage people to roll rare eggs again.

Also just an idea, but I would much like if you also put limited mythics/legendaries in the rare egg during their respective durations in regular eggs, and besides rare eggs can be earned with money anyways. Thanks in advance!


Definitely update the rare egg pool!

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This better be done in time for the anniversary or else @Dev_VKC


I’d love to see an update too. Last one was at Christmas… we need another by then at the latest! Put some of the old legendaries in the shop and remove them from the egg pools.

Please update.


Yes time for update. But I will cry if they remove:

Botanic &

From the egg pool. That’s for me personally. But there are some other great Super epics in there that others probably need.

The problem with using the shop as a solution is that it doesn’t really solve the problem. The amount of tickets we get is very bad. I’ve been saving from the beginning, picked up everything from PvP, log in and whale island. I still don’t have enough for a brand new legend… I think I’m on 9 tickets… So slow.

What I’m saying is we need these monsters in events from time to time. Or at least featured in some festivals.

I’ll roll for Goldtail, botanic, Cobra ect if they were featured… I’m torn between purchasing Goldtail and the new dinosaur monster. I don’t want to waste my precious tickets on Goldtail then find it in an egg…

Add tenebris please.

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One of the reasons why I hope they retire some monsters to the shop and remove them from eggs permanently. If we know this is the setup then we can make proper choices with our tickets. If they use the shop to dump old legendaries and then a few spicy ones for high ticket price then they can probably increase the number of tickets we get to more like legendary potions and the shop mainly becomes a place for collecting the old legendaries.

I have no idea what their actual plans for the shop are but I can dream!

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