How about throwing some older limited time legends into the regular egg?

Anyone against doing this? The current regular egg is getting a bit stale, would love to see some new permanent additions! Guys like aegis, ultima, polareon, etc. would be great, plus players wouldn’t have to worry about begging for certain monsters to be included in eggs! Let me know what you think!

I wish…
Ive got 25 rare gems saved up

+1 for that

what are you waiting for to use them? events don’t give the chance to get the limited ones from rare golds, or are you waiting on an update to them?

This could fix the problem, when devs have too many monsters, and no time to make eggs with them over the year.

Please do this

Need aegis badly :slight_smile:

wouldn’t mind the chance to get Atrahasis

That wont gonna happen
Devs want money so forget aegis,zib,revenarchion,goldtail etc on rare egg
On the other hand they could add some off other legends to hit like,bahamuzar,atra,grovos,geomagnus that would be cool
And devs still save his money makers for special events…

at least they could put in some event SE monsters (for example 5 moonster) which are changing every 4weeks

Thats a great idea

What if he already has all the monsters from the regular egg?

if he has them all then it makes sense to wait

Thank you captain obvious

no need to be rude

I just can’t help it.

just trying to be hopeful :slight_smile: lol

That would be great. I still wanna get Wraithcaptain or Geomagnus or Leo.
Or Pengborg :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (Although some of them are only in special eggs)

Can they at least add Atlanteon and Willowyrm to the regular and rare eggs? They have the same movesets anyway so don’t make them event monsters. :frowning: I want them coz of design. :frowning:

nice :slight_smile: i missed out on those two also