Unlimited cost Pvp

Ok so first things first before someone says that this is just a thread made by someone moaning because they don’t have the monsters or the cost to make the teams I’m 150 hero rank so I have the full 206 cost and I have 47 legends to chose from.

Now on to the post itself.

The reason I’m making this a poll is to see what everyone thinks. Personally this Pvp to me is just so dull and boring. More or less the same strategies all the time you run into and I just find that it’s very dull to play and i really don’t feel like playing this Pvp. However, the last Pvp which was 173 cost I personally thought that games was a lot more fun, a lot more different strategies, a lot more monsters getting used again such as robin and kong that don’t really get used in unlimited cost.

I myself think that Pvp should always be capped at 173. Don’t get me wrong I know people are going to disagree because they grinded out hero rank for the cost, in one of them players, but Pvp with full cost just seems to be no variation and just really dull to play.

What’s everyone’s thoughts? And if your going to reply please give a reason/opinion not just the usual stuff we get on the forum calling others stupid because you disagree with their opinion

I think the problem are not the costs but the lack of different and equal strategies. Devs failed to balance stuff. E.g. you can’t really use throw strategies because it’s incredibly weak to stun, we’ve got some stealth monsters that can’t really work together or are too weak if you compare them to other strategies. The only thing that is really working well is poison and sleep. That’s not enough for a so called startegy game. If TTs and GTs would be banned (what they imho have really really to do, because that’s not a strategy that’s hitting buttons) we would have a lot more deversity. In addition to that death roulette, sudden death, deo’s quick charge without restriction and SS’s death sentence without restriction should disappear too.
So devs: remove TTs, GTs, death roulette and sudden death and change quick charge and death sentence so that it can only be used after 50 or 70 seconds.
Then add some new strategies that really can do shit against sleep, poison (and stun).

Yeah I do feel we see the same stuff over and over but I didn’t last Pvp as you had to use more super epics. I finished second last time and used spriggolo as my main sweeper and ran robin and lord. Basically I tried something I thought was abit different and it worked. Now back to unlimited cost trying something different doesn’t seem to work. Haven’t seen one grov or one lord this Pvp and only one robin and kong. Full of same monsters nearly every game

I personally don’t think there’s a point of having so many legends if you can’t play them. There is also an argument that the cap at hero rank 150 is not enough nowadays. As many monsters have secret skill it causes the cost to rise.i agree with hero I think it’s due to lack of diversity in battling technique. I also do agree sometimes tram turns and give turns is like pressing a button no real tactic involved. Maybe they could change the PvP up a little like certain elements only or a certain cap on monsters cost every so often. Or even epics and super epics only.

I think that’s down to your high PvP battle points. There are people who use these but at lower battle rank points.

I’ll admit, I kind of freaked out when they first raised the max cost to 208, though I’m grateful that they still bring back 173. Still, I personally feel like it was a dumb idea because having limited cost was an enormous part of the strategy aspect, since you had to conserve points, but with 208 you can stuff 15 legends into a single team, which doesn’t tend to give the epics and SEs much of a chance. I definitely would like to see more stuff being restricted to 173.

First thing I disagree to remove monsters like TT/GT or changing Deo/SS.I don’t put name here and only ex myself to prevent misunderstanding.
I have TT and I beat 3 times one great person last PvP only because of that.you know why? Just because I don’t have better monster to play.right now there are good percentage of players who have fl without of TT.but look at their team!!! They don’t have space for TT at fl!!! Hero is a good player but his problem is similar to me,mine is buff events since I don’t have sleep and his is PvP since he has not TT.be honest if you had one there wasn’t this argument right now.
But I agree with your guys suggestion, right now most top players have common fl,and most of matches are decided by placement of some monsters,like TT at first if duel,or having pengborg at last or roaring entrance at 5-6-7. That’s not how PvP should be.
I suggest new (and by new I mean it,new idea not only new design) monsters and new moves!!! I suggest giving meta cool move to purify enemy line since I have bane and I know how enemy feels,we need logical monsters (like bunker) but a bit more.next PvP I’m sure Oni/bunker/dier will be a bit more on fl.but we need more combo.like NH and NR,we needs cool SE to company legs,like terror and the new SE butterfly.
This way it should be more fun

F2P Arash

I think they should make the full cost rewards ranked

Actually I have no problems to finish top50 in pvp but I’m not trying if there are no rewards because I’m trying to find new tactics instead. But as this thread is pointing out, there are not enough tactics to do much off-meta. That’s really boring. And of course you would keep your legends if they would ban the moves. They could change the movesets to new strategies like stealth or your suggested purify enemy move or entrance and so on. I mean how awesome would it be if you could build a stealth only team or a throw only team or team with monsters stucked with 16 confident strikers. Mixing up those strategies would be even more fun. TTs/GTs are just an insult to this game.

Their is strategies they could take further like tenebris in my opinion should of got purifying mist entrance not just stealth all entrance. Broken instantly by poison.

The problem with low cost right now are secret skills, while i do agree skills affected by chrono killer shouldnt even exist cause this is a strategy game consisting in time/speed.
Also its really fault of the devs cause they didnt know how to keep balance on the game, for example, lets pretend your only legend is bovo, with it you wont do ****, but now lets pretend your only legend is raizen, they are supposed to have the same
Power as they are both first ones, but no. So yea, i think this is more of a balance problem than a cost problem

That’s what I’m saying, there is nearly nothing you can do against poison. Bull is useless if there is no poison monster and chrome is limited…what are you going to do? You use poison yourself. Instead of giving Rexo chrono and kami poison killer they gave him sleep killer…lol
Stealth should be completely changed to purifying stealth/mist imo

Yeah supah I would like to see 173 cost as the limit but you can chose to have the secret skills active or not obviously altering cost. And yeah heros that would be pretty nice if all stealth worked as a purify to but can’t see it happening as so many monsters have stealth but tenebris should of definitely had mist entrance

I agree with remove TT and GT. And I have Lavaronix and Mechaviathan.

I feel like most competitive pvp strategies are simply based on gaining more meaningful turns than your opponent. TT and GT are used to make turns that would normally be useless into ones that are guaranteed to be useful. TT is even more rediculous as it just gives you a million meaningful turns instantly. Which is why mecha and Lava are completely broken.

If fact, the entire game is based around gaining extra turns/denying the opponent’s turns. Raizen is entirely based on trading material for tempo(turn) advantage. Which is why he is so rediculously powerful. He also denies you from gaining extra turns with team turn and give turn with chrono killer. He then takes those extra turns and turns them into a Huge material advantage. Not to mention that he gives extra turns not only to himself, but to all his teammates as well through denying you those turns.

This is also why sleep is so powerful. Because denying someone their moves for the rest of the game is broken. Seriously. This is why it is so prevalent in the UC.

Poison is powerful because all of its turns are meaningful. Meaning it can and will shred its way though a team if they have no purify. TT and GT can be combined with this to literally deliver a nuke to the enemy’s face(terrordragon). This was dominant for a long time. So the devs decided to release a monster that was a nuke to all poison teams and is the reason we don’t see all that many anymore(not saying they don’t exist, but they are rarer.):

Chromera: A limited release bomb to the previously dominant poison teams. Roaring entrance instantly gave you a turn advantage and then you get to slaughter your way through a poison + GT team. Meaning that if this monster comes in at the wrong time against a poison team they instantly lose because of poison immunity.

. . . I should make a seperate thread documenting the game and its evolution.

Was getting sidetracked. TT and GT need to go. As well as chrono killer. If you had to fight to gain a tempo advantage like in chess, then we would have a far more interesting game. Imagine if in chess they added squares right in the center of the board that said “if you put your piece here, take another turn.”. This is what midas + TT does. You go first, you gain a huge tempo advantage that is nearly insurmountable. Like playing white in chess with those squares in the middle. You would gain 3 moves over black instantly. Black can’t fight that when they get their turn because then white will take all their pieces away. Not to mention that if you put any other piece in the middle that isn’t a pawn, they could just move back and forth over and over again. Making an infinite number of useless moves until the opponent gets bored and quits. This is why GT got capped. Because giving infinite useless turns to oneself is stupid.

This is what happens because of Mechaviathan and Lavaronix. There was a time where high level PvP was a place where the first person to go would win. Because they would have a shadowyrm deal out 16 ultradusks in a row without the opponent being able to retailate. This is why you can’t chain TTs anymore.

So please, get rid of TT and GT. Lavaronix is a phoenix. I’m sure that you could find something awesome to do with him. Mechaviathan is a frikin’ mechanical leviathan. There are loads of interesting options there. I think that making him amazing in assisted water would be awesome. As I think that that was his original intention.

Do note that poison requires a higher time than most sweeping moves. So removing GT would make them balanced.

Why not just implement the no cost limit pvp during crowned pvp matches which happens like what, every 3 or 4 months? Then other pvp will be special rules allowing other strategies and monsters to shine like all epics team or all se’s team or team with 1 legendary only then 4 se and the rest are epics and below. :3 this pvp I see a lot of soulstealer, chronozeros, and poison fl while I use a one on one survivor fl which is kinda luck based but it is satisfying if you pull the strategy right and if you do then some enemies just quit right away. :3

The issue is not the cost I think. Say it was constantly capped at 173, the same issue would still be there of a few meta teams making it repetitive.

If the restrictions were a little more adventurous then I think the response would be positive personally.

Also for the record I’d be behind removing TT from the game, I maintain that the mechanic is just too powerful for the game in general. If you get to use it youre instantly ahead no matter what your front line looks like.

Is it possible to see who voted what?

I completely agree with tt and gt being removed, recently there’s been alot of bane lines with tt and Midas and it’s usually whoever’s Midas goes first tends to win the match or at least get a huge advantage

Yeah I agree with this. Also TT which one comes first too lol

it is fine if it limits the number of legends in a team.
Limit the cost is terrible due to the damn secret skills. Last time i had to put many mojis in my team 'cause I didn’t have spare legends to replace.

Koco that’s why I’m saying we should be able to toggle if it’s active or not. Which going back to strategy will open up more doors. How do you know if you can hit grov with chrono killer for example if you can toggle them