Uncatchable Monsters?

So far I have encountered two monsters that didn’t have a card next to their name so that I could try and catch them. One was darkclaw I think, It was a black panther looking thing, I found at the north tip of the forest by Reijin. Not sure if I’m missing some thing or if this is normal? I don’t remember anything like this in DIB.

And just encountered another one called frillzeon, in the same place as the darkclaw.

Were those summoned by other monsters that sacrificed themselves? You can’t catch those ones. 

No they weren’t summoned, but I just saw that they were egg only monsters, so that explains it.

Have u gone into the tower yet if not it’s tells u y if u read it

Why cant you guys do images ? Because some people don’t know how they look by just saying there names .