Uncatchable Arks

I am trying to find a Skullrex at the point given in the one pinned post, but I have seen an Anubis and a Felimancer that spawned, but was not from a Gargol. Was wondering if it was a bug or why I could not catch it.

Weird. Really weird. Are you absolutely sure that it wasn’t spawned? If so, then it’s a bug. Those monsters should never be catchable.

Yes I am sure. I am absolutely sure. Next time I will try to screenshot I keep forgetting. 

Yeah, that’s messed up :confused:

Weird. Someone else mentioned seeing subzerotops evo in the wild and not from a summon. Maybe lag or something happened? Idk

Yeah i remember that fly , maybe its a bug

Im pretty sure its summoned if its uncatchable, and that you (as well as the subzeratops-player) just missed it for some reason(not paying much attention, someone talking to you etc). Especially if you found them while hunting skullrex on Crescent Island I think so, as theres legions or gargoyles slacking around there.

I’ve seen a vegitiger and a ninjagust in the exact same spot as you when I was trying to farm a skullrex. It wouldn’t allow me to catch them either though. I guess some of the special Arkadions can be randomly generated into the wild but you can’t catch them.

This is really weird but I have never encountered this

I’ve never seen this before either. It could be a bug, but I think that Blix’s assumption is more than likely correct.

Post it in the bugs section so the devs can take a look at this

I’ve encountered this aswell, but when i faced the subzeratop, not a single gargol was in the battle and i still couldnt capture it :confused:

Gargoyle are not the only one that can summon, it may have been one of the many others.

ive never encountered this before, although it would be awesome :33

2ldhxfc.jpgfind this one in same place

It actually looks vry scary. It’s as big as Mammut… Looks more like a ghost than a baby dragon lol…

Imagine the size of its evolution … :smiley:

But it’s so adorable. :frowning:

Cryoling isn’t that adorable imo :confused:

But Cryowyrm is beautiful :smiley:

And Cryowyrm isn’t that much bigger than Cryoling tbh. Well, at least on the iPhone. Creepy? Yep.

well i have seen a destructor in that same spot while i was trying to farm skrullex.