Only Monsters on the Island?


My english is Not so Good,sorry for that. I have finished the Tower. But now i can only Hunt on the Island. When i Run somewhere Else, there are no Monsters, just in the Caves. Is that normal? And will there be a German Forum?

You’ll want to actually tap on the spot you want to fight at. Random encounters stop after you reach a certain part in the story.

There are no plans for a German forum at the moment.

Oh, thank you. Well i think i have missed some Monsters :frowning:

1-203 223-240 I think then the rewards from pvp and quest. The rest are egg only/mission. Someone correct me if I’m wrong

You can check the wiki for some pictures and numbers on witch arcadions you’re missing.

But at the moment most of the arcadions are egg only indeed :slight_smile:

I have noticed very Late how i can catch a Monster in a fight. :smiley: very Late, so it is embarrassing. The Game was nearly over. And now i wanted to make up leeway but there are no Monsters there. Z. B the wyrms or some Dragons. I have the resipes but can Not catch them
But maybe i have killed some of them without thinking about it and think about to catch them :smiley: oh noooo

U need to search the thread where u can Find them and grind for them to get them, it takes a long time

Okay, i have Holiday next week :wink: thank you