Unable to play anniversary support group

Just funny discussion on what you’re missing out on, why you can’t play neo and how long you think it will last.

As someone who hasn’t had any issues connecting to the server, I find it incredibly fun to tell other people to be patient while the devs work on fixing everything



Hi, my name is Kirisune, Hunter rank 176. I am a frequent player of Neo monsters and have even been able to come in top 100 in pvp. Mainly because I played too much. I currently have Samsung J6 as my device to play with, which is ancient technology at this point. I started hatching on the paid banner and it’s still trying to hatch by connecting to server non stop for the last 2 days. So I am missing out on the login bonuses, anniversary banner and most likely the ongoing events and ranked pvp. I also manage to use my neo ticket for an aura but my rewards section is bugged af so it’s just sitting there till I can claim it. I’m just hoping for a hotfix update at this point and hope it comes before too much of the anniversary passes.

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Nah just trying to see how many other people are having this problem. No rush here. Just get it fixed amirite?

Id like to think our devs will extend the login days for those players who were affected!

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Extend everything

Even so, it is until November 25, I do not think there will be a need for an extension.


perhaps, but itll all work out

ima guess ur twig is on this list as well? :joy: :rofl: :rofl:

Better switch over to iPhones

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i also have Samsung J6. works fine. runs

It’s ya boi kirisune from da discord server. How u been homie?


That is rough indeed. A good way to put it as well instead of pressing the matter at hand. I’m sure there will be a compensation for your missed items at the end of this. Hopefully redeeming ALL missed gems etc. Atleast before the end of anni egg. I’m sure they’ll extend it if not. It wouldn’t make sense for them not too. However if there was no compensation for any of it…. That’s when I would go APE ■■■■! Fly out to Japan kick down the front door and say, I’m taking over! Hire a new staff, give all players the right compensations, add guilds and guild wars, with world chat, give sephilion 60+ speed with cannibalize (instead of token) etc. But that’s just me and what I would do. Sorry got a bit off topic.


I can still break the system and get anniversary rewards if I open the game with no internet. But the hatches is the thing that worries me. At least it says retry last 10 hatches no matter what and I don’t lose gems doing it. But the paid banner is gone so I really just hope it continues to try and hatch that banner if I retry.

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