UC Reward monster

So I saw this thing in the news today and I am liking the look of it a lot. A bulky supporter that can help bring your big sweepers back into play, and lead to a series of potent combos, especially in throw teams. I:E, once your big hitters like Baha, Terra and even Na’tur bite the dust, you can bring them back at the cost of a rock so that they can summon even more rocks with their one-use generator skills and resume sweeping like before. This is further supported by SOLO Revival, which isn’t an issue at all in the Earth-heavy throw strategy. Adding in the fact that it has a lovely design, and you have a much better reward than Bundleblazer.

Uc reward ??? Pvp !!!

Check the in-game news; you can get a preview of the monster by tapping on it.

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I’m an Aussie, so it’s to be expected.


To be fair this thing looks amazing in UC, and will prob see play in that, for that sake.

I’m not so keen on it because it’s so slow. I’d rather have a monster with mirror revenge for UC, especially because if a teammate was the last thing to die you probably don’t want to revive that so much.

This monster is basically a Brynhildr / Atrahasis mix, doing each of those at a much weaker level. It makes a good super epic but I don’t think it will see any high level play. Cool design though and I love the double sendback.

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you are probably true but think of us those who never got any revival monsters so this is a cute engine that I might add in my team. not necessarily have to be a throw team, just tech in one rock summoning rare that sacrifice themselves then bring this which will protect itself. funny enough, this combo would easily work for water FT which DO NOT freaking need anymore buffs.

I was trying to write in balance. This monster is cool and can see play from people without better options. I like SEs that are weaker versions of legendaries/mythics so people without those monsters can still get that effect. However, comparing it to mirror revenge I think it’s weaker because you have to get a turn first, you may not be able to revive something you want and the TU is unfortunately high. The TU needs to be high for a powerful effect on a SE but that does make the monster unusable in practice. High TU moves, slow speed and no stun immunity make it hard to fit into a team properly because it’s too unreliable.

For all newer players or ones desperate for this effect it’s good. However, for everyone else we won’t actually put it in any teams unfortunately.

Hell yeah this will go great with my DR monsters

With me Atra is more than enough. Not paying any price and using unlimited

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