Two accounts PVP

Hello everyone,

I own two accounts, for double the fun of course. I just started PVPing with my second one and realised that I can fight my first account, now this would seem like a bit of an easy way to get free points. Is there someway to make sure my accounts don’t clash, is there penalties if they do?

Thanks in advanced

Man you don’t want free wins ? :neutral_face::neutral_face:

It’s more like, I don’t want to cheat, but my question is what’s to stop me from doing so?
And others too?

You probably won’t meet yourself so many times that it would affect anything

Do you think so?
There aren’t that many people on PVP atm

You’d have to meet yourself for 50 times or something

Okay, so If I meet myself I’ll just flip a coin and see who will win

Lol please record the coin flip so we can verify your honesty😂

Why would you start two PvP games at the same time? It’s to hard to concentrate on two battles simultaneously.

Or you could just find a battle on acc 1 and then start searching on acc 2, that would make sure you’d never meet yourself

Yeah, I’ve thought about that but in the event where I can’t find any battles, which happens more often then I’d like it to, I will just start both at once and coin flip

It most certainly isn’t, I’m a master at dividing my attention between both games, and also you’ll never win against a double headed coin flip

Great. You should upload a video. But the condition is you need to actually win both battles. Do it!

I fear if I upload a video with my account names they’ll get banned or something as response to potential cheating

If you can even call it that

Just don’t show your user name on the vid. I don’t think it’s against the TOS anyway. Probably should be though…

Yeah, I agree

ok why you playing both of them at the same time I cannot see you winning many matches that way

I did that in the past when 40 wins meant a lot. Then one was matched to hidan, and the other was matched to lochi.

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