Trial of Death - Darkpaw

Anyone else finding it difficult for a darkpaw to drop. I have tried both rookie and expert rank plenty of times, but couldn’t get any darkpaw’s and I tried Master rank but it was too difficult for me. :frowning:

Did master a few times with no luck so just gave up, hes only an epic anyway so wasnt too worried

Yeah, I’ll just keep on trying, saw a video of someone doing master rank and getting him., if anyone’s interested

It’s all random I grabbed him 4 times doing mine he’s nothing special

Hope it drops for you eventually. Run the highest difficulty that you are able to finish. There’s still two days ish.

Holy crap, 4 times. I guess we know where all our luck went to, lol. :slight_smile:

I just need him for his passive skill, i use a lot of poison eater monsters.

Thanks, i just got him a couple of minutes ago.

It took me 12 completions on master to finally get one to drop.

Woah that was a lot of tries i think i got mine around the 8th or 9th try. but for the rookie one i must have did it more than 10 times with out it dropping albeit the drop rate is low. In the previous two events i got the monsters on the very first try doing rookie rank. 

Even on master , did 3 tries and still no drop

I got him from the 5% one

It is completely random…on the trial of thunder and dark I completed the master rank about 5 - 8 times to get the monster drop.  However during the trial of fire I did the master one around 15 times and never got the drop…

im get it before 1h :slight_smile: in expert coz master soo hard i cant only expert :slight_smile:

Got him on my first Rookie try

Both of last Fire attribute monster and this Dark attribute monster took me 2 times tried for Master Rank. -.-

Done the expert tier ~20-25 times, forgot really. Rookie once, never bothered with master after failing with 4 monsters left on what I considered a somewhat lucky run. Gotten the drop 6 times so far. hoping to get him 3 more times so I can get the Timestrike down to 80 TU

Sadly timestrike doesn’t reach 80TU. Stops lowering when it hits 84.

Sigh, I did get it to drop twice more, guess 85 is good enough. Out of gems from the missions, and Im not willing to buy any

Ooh, you’ve hit the max plus!? What is it?

I’ve not had much luck with this Trial, I must have beaten Master rank over 15 times, and the lower difficulties another few, but have only dropped three thus far.

I’d have +12 or 13 by now but the counter stops at 9 as well as the TU reduction. 

Alright thanks! I was curious as to how fast attacks could get.