Post your victory!!

Post here when you beat the developer challenge or ask for help if you need it :slight_smile:

After few dozens attempts stun revenge + hold ground + last stand did it for me.

Are you allowed to have a friend help? It didn’t give me the option.

@cliffjs no, i didnt have the option either

Can you post the lineup you used to win please? I can within a hit earlier and want to see if I should make some tweaks. Thanks!
Just managed to beat it by a hit! Thanks anyway!
Can you only get the Omegamid once?

You can only get it once. My rexo wasnt evolved when i beat it.

Last time there was a glitch that allowed for friend help. Must say that was a challenge without help.

Done it finally

This is my team I use to beat the challenge. Did it on first try, I almost lost cause I gambled with death roulette but yeah besides that it was ez…

Note: I used crysdrake then after I won I ultra evol to kamiwrym


I just played the live challenge for darkpaw. The rookie event I played had a darkpaw in it, I won. However I didn’t receive darkpaw. Was that a glitch? If not, how do you receive darkpaw? Should I have tried to capture him? It doesn’t work like that in the ingredient missions so I assumed you just had to beat the lineup.

Please help!

At the end of the battle there is a pop up that tells you how many Training points you earned. Below that in the same text box it either says “none” (which means the darkpaw did not drop) or it’ll show you the darkpaw icon which means it did drop. You played on Rookie difficulty so the drop rate is only 5% each run.

Thank you for responding and helping me understand! So ‘dropped’ doesn’t mean that you fight it and thereby acquire it, ‘dropped’ means the odds that the game will give it to you if you win regardless of its presence in the battle?

I have no idea why they put it as “dropped” since it’s giving the wrong impression. I think it should be “Drop Monster” so it means more like the monster that drops, so people don’t expect it to drop fully evolved as a Bloodblade. 

The percentage rates for Darkpaw to drop are listed with each difficulty under the amount of tickets it costs. 

Thank you tons for explaining that to me :smiley: :smiley:

3rd attempt and used the unwanted friends tactic to beat him