The Six Trials

Which is the strongest of the 6?

Probably clioseraph, heal all / give turn is one of the best move sets and epic can have

Thanks for the reply

The only useful ones are probably flyther, clioseraph and bloodclaw. Don’t really like the other three

My dark paw hasn’t added a +1? Does this event not allow that? I can only get unlimited +0 dark paws?

got a +1 when i did the moltasmus one, so it might be bugged

We fixed that bug just now. sorry about that! Will send out compensations tomorrow!

Should I just delete my other dark paw then? What happens if you already have +9 in the event? Potion or nothing?

In the real trial events, you got nothing. I would expect this to be the same, otherwise it’s 10 tickets for every potion and you could farm nonstop

Love the event already. Was low on healers so the first one I got was clioseraph. Stoked

He is by far one of the very best epics

Weird training question. Is it best to go ahead and use all 60 of the training points at once or use enough to let it evolve once before using the rest?

Couldn’t hope for a better Holy . Can definitely use it in my assisted holy lineup ;)D

The best option would be to use all 60 as you can get a lot more combos and continue them throughout the entire training session. The monsters will still gain stats according to their evos even if you start with the first evolution and keep building on the last forms max stats.

Part of me wishes there were tiers in this event with rewards set on difficulty but for newer players this is a great idea to just give them a mon for free every 24 hours

for newer players this is great, yes :slight_smile: I just gave octo another plus :slight_smile:

Upgrading to higher difficulty for free legends would break the game. What they could do is for a defined amount of gems you can upgrade the trial to a random legendary trial ( once every 24 hour limit will apply maybe even longer like 7 days limit )

This would require a decent team to be willing to take the risk to attempt the legendary trial + it would be random so you’d not be able to select legends ( +9 godfeather/draigaia all over?? ) and it has a decent time limit so people would not just ditch out cash n get all legends they want in less than 24 hours.

A different option would be to rotate the epics you can get on this event to increase the variety of obtainable monsters.

For now tho I think it’s quite a decent thing especially for newer players.

I like your idea of rotating the monsters every so often because one of my questions for the developer was how are side missions going to work seeing how there are only 4 slots. 

Does this mean they only have 4 side missions that they want to do currently or do they plan to rotate side missions every month etc?

Are we going to be able to get all six? Can’t seem to see when this ends

Side mission interface can also be set up like the normal missions, unless you mean the new side quest tab in which case I’d have to say beats me. Interface design is not that hard to change - you can always add an arrow like they already have in many places that’d take you to the next screen so don’t worry about the space lol

It doesn’t end.