Thank you for finally making a stun Absorb death revenge monster :+1:

It’s more than that. Legendary stun absorber protector mirror-death revenge. Wtf!

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Ironically no hg makes it a bigger threat.

But might I ask why it needs megabomb? That’s kinda silly.

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Devs just making crazy stuff now. Next were gonna see a shocking roaring entrance with shocking death revenge on a monster with time strike and double bloodcrave. And they’ll prob make it “raw” blood rave to claim its balanced.


I would be stoked if they actually made this

Haha ya you and everyone else who had him. If the devs wanted to double their income they could make him guaranteed in a 10 pack and everyone would pay the 300 bucks for that one.

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i heard rexo and shogun will got death skill immun
so basically they both immun to payback & death revenge and also immun to death skill such death sentence, death wish, deathstroke
i guess they both will be death & payback revenge counter

I would love that. I hate DR. And I hate that rexo kills himself half the time. Theres only one monster rexo kills more than rexo, and that’s a friendly Ankou lol.

Will they be immune to their own sudden death?

Probably so.

Anyway this revenge skill is so absurd it’s not even funny. Going against him is a 2 for 1 in his advantage best case scenario. If he gets 1 turn and summons the little kid it’s a 3 for 1. I love the design but I’m sure they are selling drugs behind the development studio.

Haha the Devs hooked on LSD.

But no they’re being smart, we all know NM ends on Febtober 32nd, which is just around the corner. In the meantime the more awesome OP (or borderline OP) legends they can produce the more they can coax people into spending on short term satisfaction- yours truly included (looking at you Gyomurai).

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yes immun to death skill including his own skill

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Locking this as it’s turning from a good discussion on a monster into a complaining thread based on a bunch of totally irrelevant speculation, with a skill that is being blown out of proportion in it’s power as part of the root.

Freking shut up and instead of complaining, spend your posts discussing strengths and weaknesses. It’s totally non-productive and a waste of your own neurons to think the way you are.