Top 10

Feels good to join the ranks, even for a second. Had an epic battle with a guy named you. Had me down to 7 or so, while he had 15 and unwanted friend with rexo went on a tear. Epic battle.

Who else is up here that I should know about?
$20 player, too. So it just goes to prove you can spend little to nothing and be good. The $20 wasn’t anything more than support for the game. Lol

Wait is that Asian you top 10

I’m in top 10 for US area I guess…but I’m done for the night now. 572 points.

Didn’t know it broke it down into regions so there would be multiple top 10s. I’m in US.

Only last night testing was by zones and it may have been cumulative i have no idea. For pvp ranked events it’s world tho

Where is this pvp I can’t even see it

It was up for like 3 hours

Ah ok thanks. Wondered why I couldn’t see it