An actual tank ark!!!

I’ve been playing this game for quite a bit now and I’ve also been on this forum for the same amount of time and I’ve seen all of the suggestions and I have never seen anybody suggest and actual tank ark. Well what I mean by that is not a literal tank but and ark with extremely high defense and high attack. The so called “tanks” we have now are basically just walls. To me a tank can deal a whole lot of damage as well taking some. Yes shadowstalker is being considered as a tank because it’s pretty hard to kill but it’s in the same league as omegawyrm. I believe that there should be an ark like this implented and of course everything needs a weakness so make it a metal ark. Well I’m just going off the top of my head here and I thought this could be a good ark.

For balance purpose, no Ark should have both high offense and denfense.

If you want a tank that is really tankish, pick Barricadus.

If you want a decent tank that can also do something useful, pick Shadowstalker. Shadowstalker is a REAL PAIN if you team it up with Last Will or Reinforcement.

Other tanks such as Goldenhorn and Subz are more offensive but less tankish.

I’d say kamiwyrm, guardiron & a few of the 11 & 12 star unreleased arks will fit your ‘tank’ - high offense & defense… but for now the closest is shadowstalker.

Barricadus + rookknight using no defense = barricadus hitting 700s yet he still takes alot to kill

Won’t Barry be one hit KO after no defense?

They wouldn’t be tank anymore if they can be OHKO’ed…

Only if the opponent hits with physical attack. Magic resist remains the same.