Tips for using grovodeus

I just hatched it a couple of days it’s at 100% ultra evolu
But it just gets killed by everything any help

That means u shouldn’t use it … that’s the help ull get with respect to him.

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Run it with anything that clones if you can. Or something that retreats so that when it enters, you can bring in Piccolo too

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Tbh sgirgolo can get ton of kills?

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130tu single target gives tons of kills?

It can just make it annoying for the opponent. If they don’t shut Grovo down, then you can multiply it and have lots of protectors while the rest of your team sweeps

I was thinking of that I will terk with my team to see the best possible way

This isn’t a good idea any more. If you have a Grovodeus at the back of your team (or next in line) then you can’t use Spriggolo’s buddy revival. If you’re doing cloning you’re basically asking to get messed up where you just have to try and get rid of the spriggolo on the field with risky heal.

Ah true. Forgot about that :sweat_smile:

Just a couple of weeks ago I met a quite high PvP player three times using Grovodeus with Dusicyon and Aurodragon… twice I locked him out of the match with two Spriggolo on the field that were either stunned or struggling to kill themselves. One time I completely forgot that I could abuse his team in that way and he managed to avoid it. No clue why he kept running that team. I thought surely others would do the same to him. Either knockback the Grovodeus or kill it… both just ruin him and he was very eager to use pull back on the Grovo for the second Spriggolo too :confused:

Our friend Nagao…


I think they should give grovodeus immovable it would be a lot better

lol and the worst part is he did quite well last season using an auro bloom aegis dusi frontline


Do not flex on me ok

So annoying. Not difficult to overcome, just boring

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That’s the whole point to create a nuisance

I respect nagao a lot… His playstyle hasn’t changed even a single bit for like 2-3 years now but he remains Untainted by the evils of this forum …. I bet he enjoys his game more than any of us !

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He has learned to control himself from the evil mythic

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He is always (in every one of his teams) in defensive mode. None of his fls represent an imminent danger. He always plays the long game. I think he needs to attack more, to be more aggressive

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■■■■, that FL disgusts me that he only uses FL protector and 5 also enters another

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