About Spriggolo

“Grovodeus - Spriggolo” combo used to be very annoying in the past. People used to create an army of grovo and spriggolo in PvP. Obviously there were lot of ‘nerf grovo’ threads and Devs nerfed Spriggolo in two different updates.

First they nerfed Spriggolo’s speed from 86% to 66%

Then made it so that Buddy revival cannot be used if there is another Grovo is in the team.

IMHO only the second nerf was necessary. I would like to hear the opinion of the community about reverting Spriggolo’s speed back to 86%

Both the nerfs were necessary. Grovo still works and can’t be abused. I think it’s in a good spot now.

Keep it the same I reckon as Exu says. It can still be a pain.

I love how they now have Moku and Spriggolo. Megeta next :joy:


I agree that grovo still works without the speed increase, I was just trying to know what everyone thinks about it. If everyone agrees then it should stay that way.

I never thought Moku = Goku :joy::joy::joy:
I thought it was related to Kid Muscle from Ultimate Muscle given it’s baby face and funny poses.

Whaaaaat? Moku Moku Ha Z! :joy: Spriggolo is even more uncanny. How the devs get away with it is beyond me. I love it though

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With 86% speed on Spriggolo it means if you kill the Grovodeus before Spriggolo enters you then have to remove its shield AND kill it in 46s otherwise it revives the Grovodeus. 66% speed increases that to 62s.

The general buff to this monster so it can be revived after death is a huge one so I’m not surprised it needed a nerf somewhere to get the balance right. Giving us more time to remove Spriggolo before it revives Grovo or killing either one before Spriggolo gets its first turn and one-shots something was the right way to nerf it to somewhere more balanced.

Grovodeus isn’t super powerful but it’s now about right being a mediocre protector legendary.