Can someone explain the actual formula for Timestrike damage?


For every 1 TU that the target your timestriking has, then timestrike does an additional 2 percent damage. So lets say hypothetically that Timestrike does 500 damage. If the target has 50 TU, then Timestrike will have a 100% bonus damage so you would be doing 1000 damage to that target. If the target had say 200 TU, then thats 400% bonus damage so timestrike will deal 2500 damage.

Yup i couldnt have worded it better myself and that move can be super awesome along with stego (i dont have 1 and they are egg only but have seen this in pvp before) or some flashbombs/stunskins like raiho it is boss and can even 1 shot mega arks like first ones the arks that i know of that have it are



Voltiger (my favorite of the 5)

Gremknight (thanks milk)

Narlance (thanks jemni)

Gremknight also has timestrike.

Just an additional tip. Giving up turns can help too. Keep giving up turns until your target Ark has actioned, then timestrike.

I never knew this :o

I love time strike :slight_smile: I’ve taken out so many hard hitters after they’ve been stunned.

I see! After ur post ken i found a way to use timestrike effective with Mossgolem and Shadowstalker

Narlance also has Timestrike.  I used him throughout my single player game.  Gremknight may be a little hardier than the others. 

Yeah I used narlance aswell!

I liked narlance to during my early on story

Omg I loved Narlance during my early story play through