Tiamazus Changes?

I took a few month break from NM, and now that I’m back, Tiamazus is ground type??

I could have sworn he used to be holy. He doesn’t seem to be worth a crap as ground type anymore. Plays more like a SE than a legendary.

Am I crazy, or did this get changed…and why?!?

I believe it’s typing was changed from Holy to Earth, because Omegasdragon was Holy as well.

I like it because he can one shot all Electric types, and there are a lot of menacing electric type monsters crawling around nowadays.

Well poo. Looks like I need to get Omegas now. This kind of screwed my main team up

What’s so bad about him? Are shadow types really that threatening for you? Keep in mind the relationship between shadow and holy goes both ways.

I dunno. He doesn’t seem as effective since the change. Could all be in my head

He survives chromera. The others don’t.