Thoughts on the new update.

Beat you to it @Tavaray suck it.



Is any update aviable afther July 26? The game is asking me to updage but on Google Play there is no any update aviable. And I’m scared of recovering data and loosing my 300 gems acumulated :pensive:

I only post new monsters not updates😝 and why can’t i update yet

Do you use the App Store, not Google Play?

The update has just released. It may take sometimes to appear for some users.
Please check your app store again.

New icon

@Dev_VKC how comes we don’t have any icon for energy charge yet?


the “skill ready” icons may be a mistake as it removes some of the tension/excitement of wondering whether an opponent is charged or not.
thats only if it’s visible to opponent as well.

would be more useful to have a sleep countdown (until opponent wakes). though thats kind of the same thing of tension/excitement.

overall the update seems to be more fixing than changing which is fine once in a while. the changes that have been made arent suddenly going to make things used much more.

still waiting for Devious Attack and Mechydras Accelerate Sting to be addressed in terms of tu reduction.


Status quo! Status quo! Status quo!

I’ve always thought attack ready icons should be a thing. It makes stuff much clearer. With all the new skills and conditions added into the game, it’s nice that everything has an icon. However, there might be a few issues with it:

-Monsters with time locked skills have become somehwhat harder to use in PvP as, like @EMI_Eklypz said, the element of surprise is gone. For PvE this change is welcome, though.

-With the addition of 3 icons, if a monster is buffed with everything, it’s going to look a bit ridiculous on the screen.

I love the new ready icon, as someone who uses Megabomb monsters it’s great to see when exactly they are good to explode, so you can plan ahead before their next turn.


Open your game and play

@Dev_VKC From the next time, I would like you to write the Monsterdex No. next to the name of the target monster for the update. This is because a beginner may not know which monster it is by looking at its name.


I agree with this. I think it should be visible to the user but not the enemy. Otherwise it just makes timing killing survivor monsters easy. Survivor has effectively been nerfed in this update.

Or as a trade off, reduce survivor to 250 TU, because tbh TU is so low these days, A 250 TU survivor today is probably the equivalent of 300 a few years ago


I don’t think it’s a good idea since we now have a variety of stuff that can slow enemy monsters, push them in queue (newly introduced terrorize) or skill to pass time (duel, warp, leira entrance). Also newly released Vanquish skill has a 300tu requirement. It might be then too easy to charge survivor or vanquish and start sweeping with it like a bloodcrave.

Ngl survivor should charge in 100tu and it wouldn’t be an issue for game balance :joy:

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As soon as I saw Mechydra wasn’t on the monster balance list, I closed the app and sighed :pensive: I feel like we’re getting lighter and lighter on monster balance… I liked it better when we got pages of tweaks and adjustments I can’t lie!


This is because people arent complaining here and i mean by that the big spenders are all happy with the actual meta

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Was the change in animation for Bridalith’s clumsy entrance something on purpose? It was much more beautiful and original before the update