Thoughts on the new update?


Didn’t get the update yet :weary: Magma nerf let’s go

Yeah Maeve speed nerf also


Magma still superstrong though

At least it won’t get that almost instant turn without deathgazer but really happy with Maeve nerf lol

Orochi got a hell of a buff

55% at +9 with SBA is still super fast.


I love Orochi,Nice to see her a little more good

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What’s going to be the most interesting is trying so hard to beat other ppl’s winning streak lol

Pity was not on when I did my best winning streak, would be so cool to have a proof of it.

I wish you would take stun bisector of orochi and replace it with something else @Dev_VKC

@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD
not to be an ■■■ or anything
but i think yall forgot about a monster
Jackolene still an annoying win condition


Am i the only one not seeing the update, i enter the game it tells me to update but when i go on playstore there is no update, or do i have to wait a while longer


Wait there’s a monster called Orochi in this game?

Dragon Island Blue sequel confirmed?

snake lady
fire elem
has a random death entrance


This Gaz this,the only that she need now is this idk why she have this skill with her skillset

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Why u use my words