Thoughts on Sageroom and Drageckon( New Legendary and Super epic)

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Overexcited is kinda sus🤨

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@Dev_VKC is a waifu mythic simp confirmed :flushed:

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Accelerate team → Taunt (100sec)

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Also a wise man.


To be honest the mushroom isn’t great at all and his passive makes him weak. The one that applies mushroom is okay but the “overexcited” isn’t at all since this monster is a support with instant kill skill and the only skill that can deal damage is the assisted quake all that only deals moderate or big damage to all enemies and remove shields and stealth.

This monster would be great it the purifying mist will be from 130sec-100 just like mojinator.

The super epic are isn’t super epic at all!! The skills are great and also the passive!! When i read his new passive “poison skin” i remembered i see this skill somewhere here at the forum where members suggest skills for the game and it’s so great!.

Strats are kinda half good since it has bad def and hp but good atk and spd.

All skills are considered to be good and has a potential to be a legendary. Devs did this monster another pvp s+(maybe?) tier.

Legendary is kinda good but one passive is meh since it’s mostly debuff and bad speed that easily to kill the other clones so it’s more on support probably.

Super epic now we’re talking. Good skills,passive,half good strats design is cute and unique.

(the mushroom is kinda weird and scary for being simp to girls that a chubby baby became simp that makes him weak in his old time but good design also but i didn’t see this monster be meta.)

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Sagerooms passive ‘Overexcited’ is really epic stuff :joy::ok_hand:

The german translation also sounds very cute.

You should change the excitement for ‘each’ female monster next to him double attack and half defense.

As you can see in SCB, if this keeps cloning, the enemy will keep getting targeted with his buff so the next ones can actually use its move.

For everybody interested, you can hop down by the Discord server and try this challenge!

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Bruh imma say this dev vkc is with players!! He’s on of the best and funny devs!!


Shroom looks ridiculously weak, unless I’m missing something, it just strikes me as a worse vinegazer

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What the hell is a mushroom buff

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A mushroom icon on a monster and nothing else. Imho unless it turns out it actually buffs you, they should call it the mushroom status

At least it has a nice animation with a cloud and icon


Super epic > Legendary.


No word of a lie, I read that as “Sherlock > Lemon”

Yeah you’re totally right that the SE is better. This legendary is a joke, but a good joke


the mushroom would work better if like the like the word “spore” suggests, it spread. eg once it gets hit all opponents have a random chance of getting mushroom buff (odd name for a status effect but ok) - about the same chance as poison gas AND the one who attacked it gets it 100%

should still work as a PvE monster. much in the same role as every other clone does - alongside Aurodragon and Atrahesis. and hey this one has a death move. don’t be surprised if this actually becomes a UC staple monster.

i think when @Killerdog rates these for tiers this one could have polar opposites for PvE and PvP lol. I’m going to say C for PvP and S for PvE.

C tier is nearly average for PvP! It’s not that good.
It’ll be S for PvE, E for PvP (possibly F, I’ll have to check).

The instant kill move definitely does NOT make it a UC staple. This monster is horrendous for UC. To give mushroom status to an enemy that enemy needs to hit Sageroom… which means Sageroom dies and cannot turn them into a Musharoo lol.

What makes Sageroom good for PvE is how the Musharoo’s don’t remove themselves unless teammates heal. Therefore, they’re a really easy way to trivialise most PvE battles. Honestly, it feels a bit silly how easy they’ve made these things possible in the last 1-2 years. Sageroom can still be killed, gets blocked by protectors and is a bit slow to lock out the enemy team like this so it’s not an S+ monster… but it’s clearly ridiculous if you do its thing in a battle.

So what we have is something that kind of breaks PvE when it works, and is almost totally useless in PvP. It’s got weird status that’s called a buff and gets nerfed when there are waifu around. The art and design is obviously a joke too. It looks like a ridiculous monster all-around!

Honestly, in terms of game balance, my first thought was to…
Blood clone next (160TU) → Instant blood clone next (1TU)

I know that sounds ridiculous, but given his low speed and how he can’t really attack enemies he actually isn’t scary to have lots of. Even if you do get 3-4 Sagerooms on the battlefield, they’re forced to kill off the Musharoo with assisted quake. Hence, it’s not any more broken in PvE but it might make him somewhat playable in PvP.

yeah i agree it’ll be very low for PvP.

good idea and if that turns out to be too powerful then maybe swift at 50tu?
i would actually consider giving it a speed buff as well.

Not even he would agree with that :wink: deep down :yum: