Thoughts on new shiny Mon?

Cephalo is decent, but nothing special tho.

Vixian is actually one of my most used PvP mons once I found a good team to build around her. Extremely low TU pierce sweeping at the cost of 2 mons isn’t too bad if you have ways of getting throw material.

Definitely underwhelming but still great in certain setups. Having Gravity Field is also nice for utility.

Hoping that Shiny Utopion is a ticket mon though. Could really need more variety in the ticket exchange.


Yeah Vixian looks great in the right team. Not insane, but great. It’s just way too big a team building requirement for the payoff I think, sadly.

If both mythics are good this year I think we’re going to see a lot of people going below 500 gems and then missing out on fortune shrines over the Christmas period haha

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Christmas has that pvp ranking gems rewards. So , I think everyone can easily claw back to 500 without missing much.

@Dev_VKC this is been released in September in the SCB, any chance we can get him by next ranking?

theres only like 3/4 monsters to be released before next update according to the gaps in the monsterdex. surely utop will be soon.

Shiny Utopion is already in the dex lol.
he has been taunting us for months. i have been keeping an alteramid ready for him. XD