And the next update comes out ?....

Hi VKC :slight_smile:

Can you give us a ballpark for the next update?

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Maybe he just accidentally didn’t see it yet lol

I couldn’t care less I’ve been gone for a while, It’s just funny seeing nothing changed. :smiley:

VKC has his read receipts turned off :joy:

Z19 GaryOak

Its coming in spring

Coming Fall, 2018.

It will be around…Spring :unsure:

Any news what will be in it? Will shinies get the same bonus as the original in that update?

We are looking into it. So far as we know, that will be a big change in our current system.

We are also looking for other way to make shiny versions more valuable.

By the way, Spring means January or February.

That’s better than i expected as spring here means late March/April

Probably “winter” is more accurate. I am sorry for confusion :unsure:

All good,at least it wasn’t the other way around :smiley:

Yeah I was expecting it to release January or February or earlier part of 1st quarter.

Could you make a small update for fixing those new monsters this month? We do not want to suffer from the chaos of the excessive power of a dual immune monster or the unlimited summoning of a water dragon in future PVP/PVE.

Yeah a small fix to those and that link fix you talked about would be a great mini update! Please consider

Just make slight revisions to the monster’s stats and movesets, at least make them kinda opposite to what they are like shadow and loch get poison touch and eater instead of the usual sleep dream hunt then tri will get sleep protector killer and nighmare where it deals critical damage to sleepers with a 50% chance of putting it to sleep and so on and so fourth. :grin:

Give auto poison to shiny loch.

I tend to like the originals better far as their colors and such so I hope this won’t be anything major. They could make it such that getting a shiny they start at +3 and each one thereafter gives +3 so maxing and getting a shiny results in larger amounts of legendary potions. :smiley:

AP for shiny loch and toxic entrance for shiny shadow sounds good then poison protector killer for shiny shadow while poison sleep killer for shiny loch :grin: