Thoughts on Hazuki( New Mythic) and Doomgoo ( New Legendary)

Good point. Usually it doesn’t go like this. KD posted the warning about GF Sunflower on this topic and it took off from there. This is the point where we still could have moved it.

However, all the replies about the incident seemed to be on this topic and later on there were too many messages reviewing the monsters and discussing the incidents between each other, so it would have been difficult to move. Or as others would say: we ain’t getting paid enough for that :grin:

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The banner drama was by far the more important talking point than the new monsters haha.

The funny thing is though, the two new monsters both seem great and this egg seems like the best festival we’ve had for a while! Under normal circumstances that would be worth talking about


I could kiss u after reading this, that’s a mod answer! The vacations fit good to u

I totally agree with this, this doesn’t seem like a “scream at the sky” kind of issue

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