This is very frustrating

Hi @Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD
Today I hatched 280 gems on pulmesilisk special banner and I have not received any legendary not even a single duplicate. Here is my video while I was hatching :- hatch - YouTube
This is very frustrating hatching 280 gems and getting nothing. It hurts because after grinding so hard for gems and getting literally nothing. In the 6th anniversary event banner I hatched 150 gems and got nothing. This kind of phenomenon demotivates players. You guys should make some changes in the hatching system that someone gets least something. Well I’m information you guys for nothing because if you guys get time from your busy schedule and somehow notice this message of my sad experience you guys are gonna reply and address this as it’s a total random thing and your hatching system is perfect. And to be honest I don’t even remember when was the last time I got something from pack hatching.
This is making me lose my motives of continuing this game in future. I know deep down inside that guys aren’t gonna do anything about this but still I’m telling you guys for my own satisfaction and to assure myself give myself hope that something might change.


What happened to you is very frustrating but not at all unusual. I hatched 200 gems and got Shiny Shadowhunter in the last pack. My priority list was 1. Dracorosa, 2. Glaciaron 3. Plumesilisk 4. Shadowhunter (which I didn’t even want). Before that, only E and SE dupes. Bad luck happens especially in these special eggs with lower hatching chances but we must deal with it.

To make it hurt less and reduce your grinding you really should consider reaching 500 gems so you can get at least 3 free packs every time there is a fortune shrine!

Edit. I saw from the video you had already done that! Will leave it up as advice for others though.

So, if you don’t enjoy grinding, simply reduce that as you’ll get free rolls from the shrine anyway!


it’s frustrating: yes, it’s common: also, hope you have better luck next time

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Nothing out of usual :laughing:.
You just happened to be in this 5% which is more possible than hatching legendary egg from a single hatch.

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Similar thing happened to me when I was trying to awaken Wilhelmina. In between, in I got 6 straight packs with no legendary. Today, it took 11 packs to get a single featured legendary. We need to live with this unfortunately…


This is similar with me before aniv
6 Pack tricanium : no featured
4 Pack vizgziarid : no featured
3 pack novadrake : no featured
3 pack bloomeluga (after aniv) : no featured

I hope your lucky time comes soon…

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