This is a Mistake Right?

Is this an error, i hope not😏


Look the name

But is not good play with our feelings :smiling_face_with_tear:

@Dev_VKC i’m going to kill you for that :joy::joy:


Es mentira o no…?

Of course is a lie
A vil lie

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We are getting 999 gems to do 1200 gem shrine and that guy is probably the 7 star monster everyone been talking about


tell me it’s not a joke

I want that too
To be honest

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Don’t play with that :smiling_face_with_tear:
I really need those gems

Ojalá y sea verdad :rofl::joy::sunglasses::pray:

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With those gems i can awake my Kirina, Botan and Suikenshi
But i know what means April Fools Day so i don’t make a wrong idea

Guys, the april fool’s joke is that everyone will think the 999 reward is fake but then it turns out that we all get 999 gems and were fooled into thinking it wouldn’t happen


Don’t believe You​:joy::joy:

But You have a good topic
Cause April Fools days the people give absurds gifts
And 999 Gems is just absurd :thinking:

I am expecting 999 gems to be added to my account on the final login day. I am fully aware that I am setting myself up for immense disappointment.

Im don’t waiting for nothing
If happen,thanks Neo and @Dev_VKC
If not i was prepared for that :smiley:

My personal April Fools theories:

  1. the last reward will change to “3 gems” on the final day

  2. the gems are actually 999 silver coins in disguise

  3. the login bonus will straight up disappear before the last day

  4. the last day, you’ll get a “999 gems” in-game icon you can use for your profile

  5. the last reward has a hidden minus sign, which means when you’ll click the icon you’ll be in debt for 999 gems. If your gem count goes to the negatives, you will need to slave away in order to repay that debt to ZigZaGame

  6. “999 gems” will turn into “666 gems” on the very last day and everything will go according to the book of Revelations

  7. the last reward is actually a malware that will take control of your device and use it for bitcoin farming in order to fund ZigZaGame’s new Arborgias NFT


Also I love the adorable smug-looking Dark Souls 1 mushroom. I’d like to see it ASAP


If you tap on the 999gem icon you automatic hate putin
And you transform into a friday for future junki with rainbow color flag on youre body

@Dev_VKC Just saying that, if this “bonus” is what I think it is, people will be extremely disappointed when they actually don’t get 999 gems. Historically, one of the big no-no’s in any game has been joking around with the in-game currency. Even if it’s funny to you, it’s not gonna be that for your players I’m telling you :grin:. Personally I don’t care very much, though.

I have a few theories about the 999 gems: perhaps the mushroom monster will be available in the shop for 999 gems or the gems will magically disappear and the mushroom will be added in your inbox instead. Can be also something other than the monster. But a gentle warning to fellow players: do not expect to get 999 gems from this login bonus! It’s very unlikely that devs of any game would hand out such amounts of currency “just like that”.

Edit. This is a very plausible theory actually!


Literally me :heart_eyes: