Help a newbie out


Hey there everyone, hope mother rng is treating you well. I just started playing this game 2 or 3 days ago, but I’ve both dragon island blue and hunter island, so I understand how important proper egg pulls are. I used the 2 free pulls from tutorial and got a rexotyrant and an ankoudragon, both legendaries, so I think that could carry my team through most of the early game.
Now here’s my dilemma. I have enough gems to do a hatch 10, I assume it is the best use of gems in light of the rare gem you get with it, but I was curious if the current newcomer festival and the onyxia and maggatsuoh special eggs are worth spending my hatch 10 right now or if I’m better off waiting for an upcoming festival,
Same with the Rare Gold Egg. I have 10 rare gems, should I use them right now or should I wait for a more opportune time?
Any help is appreciated, sorry for the long post, and good luck hatching.


I wouldnt consider rolling this fest but wraithost and tortogeist are beasts especially for pvp so would be useful, you can roll rare eggs now as they wont change any time soon. You can wait for another festival which features great legendaries like Angelion.


Angelion is not a legendary


Don’t get too used to pulling legends haha 2 in a row is insane on single rolls


Yeah I realize I got a ridiculous start, hoping that luck will roll into my first big pull. Score some upgrades and then save for a big event. Thats why I came here. Every game has festivals that are better than others and I hate to spend all my early gems when a better festival might be coming along in a few weeks.


Well the big festival ended on the previous egg so might wanna wait another good months


Always use your gems on the eggs with 6.1% for legendaries, to get the most out of your gems. The other eggs are only worth it when you have a good collection and want particular featured monsters.

The newcomer egg is 6.1% chance and got some great featured legendaries, it is a good one to do. The current egg is a 4% legendary egg, we just finished the Easter and Spring eggs which were the boosted chance.

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Missed it by that much. So I’m guessing the next boosted chance egg won’t be until well into the summer, by which time there’ll be plenty more gems.


They come frequently, you won’t have to wait very long.


And the rare gem egg, do those monsters rotate often or is that one more static? It seems rather hard to acquire those rare gems.


They rotate but not that much, no announcements for egg rotation on the rare eggs so I suggest you roll there and save your regular gems


They’re basically static. Every 9-12 months they are putting some more (previously) limited monsters into the rare egg pool.