The Strategy Guide

Well, many of you may be struggling in pvp, so im gonna make a topic of aome good strategies ive found. feel free to contribute yours!
No attack Stun: well, what i do is i put 3 monsters, stormfox, rajin, and kentucky, and essentially stun over and over again, eventually killing the monsters that are giving you a hard time before they can even attack.
con: after youve defeated them, your opponent is most likely faster than you and will defeat or damage your arkadions.
Tukkun’s strategy:
Raiou, Stormfox, Firequeen, Meowzard, Cherubion, Barricadus + the rest are attack-heavy arkadians.  
Explanation and strategy:  Leave Raiou Alone.  Let it die, or alternatively “stun gift”, doesn’t matter.  “Flash Bomb” with Stormfox really as soon as possible.  “Offspring” with the Firequeen, and by now Meowzard should have arrived.  Use meowzard’s “polymorph” on the offspring you summoned.  Summon offspring with Firequeen.  Use Polymorph on the offspring.  Keep repeating the cycle until one of them dies, then go all out attack the rest of the way.  The Cherubion is for healing the firequeen and Meowzard, and can be swapped for any decent healer.  The Barricadus greatly helps survival of the FQ/MZ as the “Guardian” makes it so that basically only multi-enemy attacks hit firequeen/meowzard, which means less damage on them overall.  I find this particularly useful as only the ones you want to keep alive stay alive, the rest (Raioh/Stormfox/Cherubion) die and give advantages.  I find that I can summon at least 2 Extra 7*+ with this combo, and upwards of 8.
Hope this helps any of you struggling in PvP!
cons: you may not summon what you want before meowzard is defeated or firequeen kills herself with offspring
stun attack:
take 3 stunners, stormfox kentucky raioh, and put them at the start of your team. let them die off or stun gift, and have 3 high attack arkadions after them. having kentucky and raioh die, you can flashbomb with stormfox. you then will have 3 high power arkadions with your opponent stunned for 200+ tu’s. After defeating their first three and more, you have the advantage of having more arkadions left on your team.
cons: your opponents next monsters may be able to attack before you, so best use aoe moves. only lasts one turn.

One question: i often Play with rajin as stunner, but he is Not supposed to attack first. The First attackers are destructor & the dragons.
So the stunners die before able to stun is my problem. I am not sure if its always like that, but from the fights i remmember it was like that.

well, a solution to that could to put it a few monsters in, so if the opponent uses an aoe attack and kills three of your monsters, hthe next three are out and ready to stun

In pvp, never use a flash bomb ark in opening line up, use stun skin ark, all flash bomb ark has very low speed and most likely killed before get turn to act