The pun awards

Let’s make this a contest to see who can get the best/worst (depending on how you see it) puns. I will start.

This topic will be unBEARable if no one joins

This is bearly worth reading

∂ont forget my worst pun of the year award ( EDIT: didnt  mean to do that d , dont even know what happened)

I find this apPEELing 

Dem puns jamaican me crazy mon.

y u guys orangunTANGLING around?

I am sew liking this thread.

okay yeah that was really, really bad


You’ve cat to be kitten me right now?

I’m not sorry about this at all.

fixed that for you

or should i say

fixed cat for you

that wasn’t even a pun

I’ll think of something later

I’m so eggcited right now that I just cat beelieve what’s going on right meow.

If Shaquille O’Neal was a banana he’d be Shaquille O’Peal

Im almost tempted to make that my profile pic lol because its… Um… (Im thinking of a pun) Kittenlicious! Im sorry that isnt even a pun… Im bad at puns

I finally thought of one after much intense thinking! That cat is aFURable… Im sorry im horrible at this

If Shaquille O’Neal was emotional he’d be Shaquille O’Feel

Wanna go on a Magikarpet ride ?

Im not gonna Raichu a love song

This is Onix-ceptable

That was Onix-pected

Theres no Shaymin losing the game

The boys Arbok in town

Hes so Porygon and killed himself

Ekans see clearly now the rain has gone :stuck_out_tongue:

I really luv pokemon ok? lol 

If Shaquille O’Neal was a doctor he’d be Shaquille O’Heal

wowwww nice! :smiley:

oh the Hue-Manatee! 

Ekans see clearly now the rain has gone

Ekans see all the Arbok-stacles in my way!

lol n00b song


Harpy, OH the Hu-Manaphy xD

I’m going to Pikachu list of puns :slight_smile:

Why must all kinglers be so krabby? I mean, they must Seadra the aurora in their ways. I mean, I mew that they were mean, and I mewtwo of them were insane, but seriously? I mean, put a sawk in it, or throh away your bad tempura. I mean, they are just snotty chillbears. They can’t even rollout their own dough for bread without the help of someone else’s hm strength. This has been a tuna puns with me. But I can nut stop. I must goat on and on with the fun puns. That all

Pokérmanz is so pun, but dont say it too loud you might cause an Avalugg, 

Dont get angry at me, just trying to prevent a Tyrantrum.

Nearly finished makng this pen, all i need now is the Inkay

I was running so fast that i skiddo’d down the hill!

Lol finishing this post:

Chess: Nooooooo! You took my Bisharp!