The Poster Below Me Game

Good Evening All!

I would like to play a game

It’s fun, I promise and it will allow us to get to know each other a bit better.

Anyway, the game works like this:

The Poster makes a statement about the next poster (the person below you).  The poster below you posts true or false and then post a new statement about the poster below them


  1. TPBM is a boy

  2. True

TPBM is a party animal

  1. False

TPBM plays an instrument


Easy, correct? let’s Start

TPBM likes to help people


TPBM loves to eat junkfood

Ah, it really depends, but generally  no.

TPBM is not American.


TPBM hates rhinos.

Not at all.

TPBM likes classical music.


TPBM Likes to play guitar

No I don’t play anything

TPBM is having difficulties at school

None at all.

TPBM likes to watch anime.

Depends on the anime, but overall yes.

TPBM enjoys a gentle stroll.

More like a solid sprint

TPBM likes Alternative Rock

And Trailer music!

TPBM is a dog person.

As long as it’s not the depressing subtype.

TPBM enjoys working with computers.


TPBM is a cat person.


TPBM has a deviant art account.


TPBM is multilingual.

Yup :slight_smile:

TPBM had a nice breakfast this morning.

Uh… no. Unfortunately

TPBM likes sweets.


TPBM is using a Mac computer


TBPM likes dragons and turtles:D

Dragons are awesome… Turtles are ok…

TPBM enjoys the cooler parts of the year.