Robot Unicorn Attack 2

Just curious if anyone else played this or not.  I’ve been a little addicted lately, and don’t have any friends to compete play with :wink:

Here’s what my unicorn looks like…

You may be wondering, “what the heck is up with Quad and unicorns?” Well in actuality the reason why I like this game so much is that it is a tribute to 80s progressive rock.  I used to listen to a lot of prog rock when I was younger, so that’s part of my fandom. The environments are inspired by both Roger Dean artworks and movies like the Neverending Story. You play the game to progressive rock songs, and I think the unicorn I am playing as now (the one in the picture) looks a little like the cover of Asia’s “Astra” album. So yeah…this game wins on so many levels

If you play on iOS, feel free to add me.  My game center name is Quadraptor7

Now, I would’ve downloaded this a long time ago if my darn device could support it.

Oh I know how you feel, it came out when I had an iPod Touch, and I swear…I got about 3 seconds into it before it crashed.  Thankfully I ended up with an iPhone 4 and that was when I was able to play.  Still lags on occasion but it’s still very playable

Because unicorns, ya know?! Unicorns were one of my very first favorite animals. That sounds really… weird… but they were. Seriously. I was so crazy about them. I think I still have a unicorn costume somewhere, but I’m too embarrassed to wear it anymore (not that I can).

I played the one on the computer, though, so I that’s why I was so hyped on downloading it. That and the fact that I still slightly like unicorns.

(dont judge guys)

Hah no worries, I bet your fandom for unicorns was the equivalent to my fandom of dragons when I was younger.  I actually saved a bunch of fantasy book cover art pictures on floppy disks back then, all of them gorgeous artworks of dragons.  We’re all geeks here, right?  XD

I’m gonna check it out the desingns look cool for unicorns no offense.

is it the second or first u play.

The original games can be found here - Original version and Heavy Metal version  There’s a Christmas version as well.

Though the 2nd one on the iOS is much better, you can customize your unicorn, collect teardrops for items and powerups, and do daily challenges.  The graphics are much better as well.

Okay sorry didn’t pay attention to title.

My unicorn is the exact same as yours…this is weird…

Oh no, it’s no problem at all.  Same series and whatnot.  The original games were fun too, though much harder since you got faster and faster the longer you played.  In RUA2, the speed you run and the acceleration are all determined by what unicorn parts you pick, and you sort of get to a max speed so you’re not zipping into walls as much as in the original games.