Happy topics

I’ve noticed a lot of negativity on the forum lately (I bet Ashley know what I mean) and I want to make a thread where u just talk about things that r happy and positive.
I.E. I just got a new dog!

I finally, FINALLY figured out how to make a level editor for my game I’m making (and finished it)… so players can build their own levels and share them with people.

Took a lot of work there… very happy. 

What game? And very nice sounds like hard work :slight_smile:

Well I just got an email in from a guy who I was doing a presentation for. It basically counts toward some curricular practical assessment that I did earlier in the year. I aced the entire thing! And well done Ashley for the programming and what’s the new dogs name Master?

Her name is grace :). I’m the runt of my family so she bites me all the time. I have bruises all over my body from her.
And congrats on acing ur test thingy :smiley:

I beat Jooky Jooky again.

Haha he always beats me…

I like this thread, good idea

@The master Cool! I love getting new pets and dogs are really cool! Does she know any tricks?

@Ashley, you seem to be a very good programmer and congrats! :smiley:

@CJT300 Woo hoo! Passing tests and presentations is always a good feeling :slight_smile:

@Crystal Enjoy those diamonds! It feels good to beat a stun team doesnt it? C:

She know how to bark and bite :smiley: pretty impressive if u ask me lol

Lol yeah, its something XD And thats uber cool, what breed is she?

Haha thanks Kitty, that presentation was 3 hours solid in front of 100 people. Almost collapsed at the end of it but still had to work all night last night to get it done lol. And yeah I think this is a good thread to keep too! And yeah master I feel your pain, my neighbours cat hates me, I still have a scar from when it bit through my hand lol

She’s like a lab and Irish wolfhound mix, she’s a big black dog.

She’s exactly like that! A little more demonic though…lol

I started writing a book, let’s hope this goes somewhere. *Fingers crossed*

I found a software in Januarary that i think i might go through with to make my own game.

Mason-good luck!
Pred- what’s the book about?

It’s a fantasy book that I am not far enough to say anything much about it. x)

Thanks still thinking about it though

EDIT cool Pred Fantasy is my favourite

I found a software in Januarary that i think i might go through with to make my own game.

What kind of software?