The new island challenge

Am I doing something wrong? I’m only at level 180 and my attacks don’t do anything compared to the other team. They one hit all my monsters

Using Azra without link shadow is cancer

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It’s designed that way. After lv. 160 monsters have stats 50% higher than yours, so it’s natural you can’t do much without a specifuc setup.

That’s so dumb, how do people even get to the high levels, what setup works?

I’ve got a bunch of tips for Island Challenge in this guide thread: KD's How to beat each event (+videos)

The guide itself is not complete, but the section on Island Challenge is. It’s a bit late for this time but hopefully that helps you for next time the event comes out

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I don’t think it’s dumb, it’s just difficulty scaling. Everybody has potentially access to the strongest monsters in the game in Island Challenge, and it’s not that hard to get to lv.300.

The last day I found two Wraithcaptain in two consecutive drafts, and I didn’t lose a match after that.
That’s because Wraithcaptain has a Secret Skill called Morphean Bomb, that deals lethal damage to all monsters asleep.

My strategy also revolved around Spookoids, which can resurrect the enemy monsters (keeping their buffed statistics).

These are the two main monster archetypes that Island Challenge needs:
• monsters that deal massive damage regardless of your ATK or enemy’s DEF
• monsters that can “steal” enemy monsters

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