The Gem Grind

I feel like it takes too long to grind gems for a new player, or any player for that matter, not too mention if you do want to speed this up its almost 1$aud per gem.

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Right i hate That you got to spend so much money to get so little gems

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Nah, doesn’t take too long. A dedicated and good mid level player can get 300 gems in a month and a half, and a veteran can get 300 often in a month if event rotation is kind.

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thankyou dude! glad you share my opinion i hate having to grind so much for so little

Yea no one is out here getting them many gems and a month I’m a hardcore player and did the math and did the count you get at least 30 to 47 gems a moth depending on the event

There are a lot of gems to be had in whales treasure if you don’t want the pots

It’s only 30 gems :neutral_face: for 602 fins

I was Expecting a lot of yes we do need more gems :gem: but clearly you guys don’t see what I’m seeing it take to long to get gems tbh This game a p2w

Thank you for the feedback.
We will be making more events with awesome rewards.
Stay tuned :eyes:

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I get 100 gems a month on average

gem grind is insane for the average joe who wants to play a game in their spare time i love this game and want it to succeed but daily gems should be more then 1 gem just off that alone i would need to wait over a year to get to 300 gems


I play it in my spare time, and got 300 gems to use on easter. Sooo. . .

How about we get one gem for every rank up now claim at rank 200 on anniversary and… But still one gem for rank up and an option in game where u complete tasks whatch videos etc for gems like with most games now a days Devs could sponsor adds

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Since the anniversary late October last year (5 months ago almost exactly) I’ve gained about 1100 gems for free. That’s from completing pretty much every event that’s come out (not fully finishing some PvPs because of time constraints) and gathering some achievements. EDIT: Just as proof, here’s where I’ve spent my gems…
2nd anniversary egg = 150 gems (not counted above - I was left with ~150 so this was the starting point)
Four guardians = 300 gems
Christmas = 50 gems
New Year = 150 gems
Zhulong = 300 gems
Easter = 300 gems
150 remaining

As a free player you can very easily save up 50 gems for each special festival to gain ~1.5 legendaries each time one of those comes, which is something like 6-8 weeks. Sure, you’ll get dupes but this is your baseline. Still quite easily you can save up 150 gems for each of these which will mean you get 3.5-4 legendaries every 6-8 weeks + rare gem rolls. After the first few months playing (3 months?) you can do enough of each event to save up those 150 gems for each special festival.

Saving up 300 gems for each may or may not be possible as a free player, depending on which events get released and how frequently the special festivals come out (e.g. Christmas and New Year lol not possible). However, over time the rewards from events have been getting bigger and bigger so our gem income rate has been increasing and making it even easier to be a competitive free player. At this point I’d quite happily like to support the Devs for making a great game that I have been enjoying for free so I may make a donation soon simply for that reason.

I don’t believe any free player who’s been around for a good length of time (6 months+) can really say that this game is P2W unless they’ve been personally having terrible luck, they don’t put the time in to get the gems available from events or they’re bitter about not getting specific legendaries they want. People who spend money at the beginning can leap ahead but after the initial few months a free player can get a strong enough team which they can use to earn lots of free gems and after they gather a collection of about 20+ legendaries then they’ve pretty much caught up with the spenders that put money in at the beginning. From there it’s about trying to create great combinations with your legendaries and the more you have, the more options you have for combinations.

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i’ve been playing since late 2016.
when i first started i play with my 3 friends, all of them stop playing because of this gem thingy.
when you already finish all mission that have no time limit,
you only stuck with events. good event can provide a sum of gems, but some not.
i remember have to buy gem to speed up my draft in the early game.
i realized not everyone (in this case my friend) can afford buying gem
(1 gem = 1$) what can you do with 1 gem lol this is only virtual item for god sake…
but i also aware the company need to make money
so when i buy gems i just i think i contributed for this game future sake

i hope what @Dev_VKC said is true, our junior need that “awesome” rewards sooner or later.

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I 100% agree that it is extremely easy to be a ftp player these days. Lots of gems to be hand. But I would like to acknowledge that if you were just starting out you would definitely not have strong enough monsters to acquire some of the gems available.

Please make more events

sweet can’t wait for the next update now nice monster designs btw

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Dont necro threads

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