I need help

How can I get more gems?

I really need some gems, I’m trying to get more than 40 gems, but it’s too hard.

The online battles give some or do aneesa biweekly. I don’t know other ways.

I’m too bad at anesa battles

but i’m pretty good on pvp

There is videos on youtube how to do them. You might not get it first time.

most of gems I got in pvp

Do you have a job?

There’s an icon that says store, go there and enter your credit card info and press any of the buttons for instant gems

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I mean, literally almost everything in this game get you gems in some form outside of Monster Hunting and Ultra Training

I don’t have money, I am a poorplayer

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Better start grinding then

As a f2p there is not more you can do than grinding

oh, ok

Like I said every event gives you gems and all the online story and side missions give you gems. I am F2P as well and you can do quite a bit by just grinding.

Good idea