Thank you for bringing that up because its a good example of how these new rules benefit the users and limit the power of mods. „All penalties will be at the discretion of moderators“ was the way things were handled before and it was widely criticized as arbitrary and giving moderators unlimited powers while opening up the door for double standards. The new rules now also limit the power of moderators. They are especially important for future generations of moderators because they make sure that even if a moderators isn’t suited to do the job very well, his options for abuse of power are limited.

Thats exactly why we have created the @ComplaintOfficer. I will give you my word if we receive official complaints about that rule we will go back to discussing and reviewing it. So far nobody has filed an official complaint.

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To back up what Guesswhosback said, section 4 is almost entirely about transparency to forum members about what actions moderators will take. 4.1 goes through all the levels of offences/actions to explain when they will be applied. I agree it’s a lot, but it’s something which a lot of people have wanted made properly explained in the past.

In terms of what it does… it works both ways. Moderators cannot scale things up to punish individuals too excessively. However, forum members have a weaker case to dispute actions taken if the moderator is following procedure.

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I’m glad to know we share similar opinion on this matter . i’ll open a complaint on these 2 concerns like guesswhosback asked me to . I’m sure this time, the discussion between the mods will be more diverse since a lot of good points have been put out here by the community .

P.s: I bet complaint officer idea was given by someone kinky IRL and i like it haha

I have created a transparency thread for all filed complaints. Every complaint will be made public + we will will also update on the status and give a short explanation for why we accepted or denied the request.

This is awesome and I love it!

@TNCxXchaosxXf2p I’ve made a small update to the forum rules to link the “about page” of the forum which lists the moderators and staff members. This is done at the top of the rules and in 4.2.1, where the staff members were already listed.


I’m lovin 'it


Ah lol nvm

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Both 1.5 and 2.5 have been reviewed by the moderators. We’ve re-written them to be clearer about what they’re tackling and easier to read. We are also trialing a thread for public discussion of moderator action. Here are the new rules…


“with bad intentions” is too subjective in that context imo

well yes, actually I could say for personal purposes and not really necessary and they don’t serve as real grounds for a formal complaint

The bad intentions part will be discussed among the mods and voted on before any action is taken! And of course we will be transparent throughout the process, should anybody ever cross that line.

For definitions sake, “bad intentions” is definitely more than just teasing somebody. It’s essentially “when whatever is said could actually harm somebody.”

An example of “bad intentions” is sending a screen shot where someone is sharing personal information. We’ve got some youngsters in the forum that may not understand that they can be exploited online by sharing information that is too personal. We’re aiming to stop that kind of thing under “bad intentions.”

Hope this helps! I’m happy to answer any other questions!


Glad to see things are getting disciplined after so many years . Hope the system gets better and better . Good luck to you all mods !

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Are you off your meds again gramps?

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Shhhh grandson , rules are strict now . Let’s lay under the radar for a while

Here is the promised thread.

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I think it was always disciplined. We are taking this forum for granted but ask any discord or reddit forum and the mods there are RUTHLESS. Things are just becoming more transparent and that is pretty cool of them to do (they could’ve easily not do that).



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That’s not true at all, I just threatened to ban every discord member of they didn’t say I’m a very good admin, so it must be true