🤬 😈 The BM report thread

Since many users do DC, I generally don’t write here every time. However, this opponent was a user with rank 279, so I wrote in. I don’t think it’s good for veteran players to play DC.


he does it with each defeat, it would be time to seriously look at the cases of nagao, kinyou, Ph Eck, Margio , and kirwood


Backhouse sorry dude :joy: my phone died but its fine sinec you bm a lot others

Spamming 5 sleep entrances then dc , (i think 3rd time doing it this week )

@Dev_VKC i know i requested a lot of stuffs lately but hear this : i think permant rule preventing people from spaming such amount of the same entrances should be considered because its really toxic

@Dev_VKC posting on behalf of @CFN_APPLE_JUICE, yumi should get a warning or small pvp suspension for this


Use monsters with toxic entrances or monsters that deal small damage upon arriving? Just because you don’t use poison shouldn’t mean no one should have advantages of using poison setups(no offense lol)

I agree. he had me
did the same thing, he didn’t want to finish so I DC or I never DC. you have to be a big ■■■■ to force me to DC

This fool named ‘Wajahat’ always disconnects when things don’t go in his favor, did anyone else play with him?

kinyou and kirwood continue BM without any consequences. This can not go on. even nagao and back house have stopped they now know that there is a button for defeat

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Dude wiped almost all my team with front then bm in the end !

Using tokens ,sleep and then disconnect when u r going to lose

My internet connection fail Champ
Disconnect its not my style of play
You need to chill

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Atleast 50% of my wins come from ppl who bm me, I’m surprised it happens so less in the upper echelons that you can have countable no. of cases to report lol

Sometimes BM is not the same as other BM.

My opinion is like this.

A simple disconnect is BM, but doesn’t justify hard actions.

But a BM that locks you to eternity, or simply plays stupidly with healing his team, cloning, stunning, sleeping your one monster left and dragging the match long time, if the match could have been over with one hit, that should definitely be reported.

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i just got bm-ed by the AI in island challenge. lol. i was stunned to 300 seconds by yukis. then slept with 1 monster left.

to top it off a puffoxin reckless attacked me to death in between being slept :joy:


I think that BM would greatly lower due to “retreat” button in PvP. Personally love this update mainly for this option. Now we don’t need to worry about getting struck by opponent due to stun/sleep lock. Played PvP before few minutes and retreat/run button works awesome. We can discontinue the match anytime and it’s so fun :grinning: to retreat when team get locked by stun or sleep as opponent most don’t give opportunity for our team to play

I agree with you on this but i also kinda hate this system

I am running some pretty toxic sleep strats if i am able to pull it of from fl so people disconnecting or running makes sense i get it and do not blame them

But in my 7 first matches today i got a grand total of 7 kills counting towards my dailies

So to mediate this change id like to impliment a system so when an opponent leave the battle their whole team gets added the kill count

As having to do 30 matches for my dailies is kind of ridicules


use tokens. you can do it in 1 battle. i have lol.

That do not help if they leave :expressionless:

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