🤬 😈 The BM report thread

Ya that’s pretty bad. Even me too experienced this situation. Guy ran away after I destroyed his fl monsters

I would definitely agree with this opinion

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This player and I played for more than 30 minutes, now I want to uninstall the game (opponents have been stuck in the timing mechanism, the game team does not give these players some warning?)

Just run a Jurlungur to increase your opponent’s BM % by a lot! :smiley: as soon as you go boom they will stall and DC. It’s even more toxic if you have a few awakened myths to go with.

I’m not being sarcastic btw I am the type of person who runs this

This guy has been connecting and disconnecting and instead of running he let the timer run out
P.s did this both times we faced each other

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No excuses for disconnecting when they could’ve just surrendered/run.

That guy keep disconnecting and reconnecting until it finnally over time
No excuses when he could just leave the battle thats what the RUN button is for
Some of us have a life and we want to do it the fastest we can

Nagao and his old habits

nagao is vkc trolling


Dev VKC I can still BM with 10 seconds yk, this cant stop me

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Clearly not long enough…



Nagao with his old team and old behaviours.

@Dev_VKC, with run button being on the whole match, you should punish those serious offenders more harshly and remove them for a whole season to maybe change this complete waste of time. I had to play pvp for 22 minutes before reaching 30 kills to get a daily gem.


Remove friend codes from battle log.

Add “Add Friend” and “Report” Buttons.

Would solve so many things and probably improve some creativity too.


Great idea. Report button (option to write about reason for reporting)

Just now I came over this guy. Just disconnected after seeing GF Sakura sweeping his DR monsters

Then calns will report unfairly someone because they are in discord with him and he get free suspension for nothing

Then maybe a screenshot about what actually happened. But I don’t the possibility of adding report button with upload option lol :rofl:

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It’s like the old days when people used to report someone on fb :rofl:

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Yeah this crossed my mind too. The player would need to have multiple reports before it triggers a notification to devs and without the friend code visible it would be easier for people to mask their identity to prevent abuse.

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Tbh with the number of noobs who disconnect against me and other low hero rank players I meet I worry that there’d be a lot of reports being made for random reasons like “I didn’t like this person’s team” or “I shouldn’t be playing this person” rather than the purpose we, here, want it for.

I think it’s likely to waste a lot of someone’s time dealing with the reports when what we actually want to deal with is just a handful of individuals that are consistently BMing. A more efficient system is where people have to go out of their way to report (here) and so we only get the genuine problem people raised up then when it’s enough reports they suspend the person from PvP.

To tackle the issue more broadly I think they should put a notice in the game about PvP etiquette which pops up the first time you go into PvP each season. It will say something like:
Please use the run button if you wish to surrender and to not waste your opponent’s time when it is unnecessary. Players found to be frequently letting the timer run out and/or disconnecting on purpose may be blocked from entering PvP for a period of time. Thank you for respecting your fellow players by following this. Have fun!”.

Yeah I get that. I think it would work if it takes a number of reports before action is taken though, so it would filter out the consistent BMers and ignore the ones who might press for the scenario you mentioned.

The big win would be to have the FC removed :partying_face: