The best & strongest monster

hye, can anyone suggest to me what is the best & strongest monster? I want build my team, thank you

The best monster to me is Aegisdragon

In pve,Godfeather is one of the best mons as long as it has its synergy team(stun bombers and accelerators).In pvp, Godfeather is easy to counter such as unwanted friend or early knockback.

Neo monster involves making a team from 0-6star since this game is all about combination setup.

And dont forget that you should post your team so we can give you some advise.(we cant just assume you got every mons that we say here).

I agree Aegis is one of the best supporters but if you don’t have a good team overal you need a good sweeper. Examples are Rexotyrant, Ultimadragon, Ziberius. If you have to finish the story line you need either Dragaia or Godfeather. If you have one ultra-evolved he can go through the entire offline and online story on his own and also most of the events as well. For PvP the monsters above are better choices and if you want a real sweeper for PvP my suggestion is Nightrider.