Best monsters?

I recently decided to start playing neo monsters again after ages. I was wondering what monsters are the best and what aren’t as good. I recently hatched oakspawn. Is he good?

Oakspawn is good as far as I know.

The best ones I’d say are Hellfox and Turtlegeist on top of my mind, at least for PvP.

For PvE I’d say Shivadragon, Goldtail, the last biters, Emeraldeus, Geartyrant and the black beast.


Damn dude he’s great. He’s my personal favourite. Good for being annoying. Ss is a must

It mainly depends what kind of content you’re looking at. Some are brilliant in just a specific part of it like Polareon in UC or Chromera in PvP then outside of that they don’t have much to offer. The last biters are some of these monsters too which is why I don’t agree they’re among the best… they also have lots of counters these days.

Oakthulu is amazing though, as well as the others mentioned here!

Aren’t last biters good for hordes, dungeon and whatever else that doesn’t buff monsters to oblivion?

Delugazar aka the Black Beast is the ultimate killer. It can be used efficiently in most of the game’s content and cuts like a hot knife through butter.

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I can’t see Last Biters being good in Hordes because of poison and death revenge. Maybe I’m wrong? In DC maybe you can avoid it well enough.

Last biters are great when the enemy team has the right setup. But if you face a DR army, if the timing isnt perfect, or you hit poison revenge you’re gonna have a bad time.

Delugazar is absolutely the bawss. It is funny we call him BB when there is Bunker Beast and Bitter Beast.

Still won Hordes using last biter here (Dragaia ftw)


Last bite is a great way to go with hords.

i think short name for bunker beast is BuB and short name for Bitter Beast is BiB.
Game already gave BB its name. BB makes it sound more menacing then Belugasaur

is best last bitter penguini?

I personally feels that Dusicyon is one of the best monsters around…shield entrance rocks…


If last biters meet 1 sleep entrance then it’s basically over

Or a if a DR enters after a poison revenge.