In game Privacy

I wonder if the option to hide your friend code in
Battle logs would help bring more creativity to the game?

It’s been pointed out that players feel need to win all the time, because if they lose, it’s on the forum or it’s on YT or someone’s messaging them etc and they may want to save face etc. (my advice is don’t worry about that). I think anonymous battles would help that. If players want to be recognised, they can change their IGN.

On another note, it would help put an end to the GG culture, where players can engage with the community, but also not have to GG and talk about every loss to those who want to publicly announce it.

From a personal perspective, there is more value in NOT having my friend code on battle logs than there is just to have in game friends.

@Dev_VKC could players have the option to hide their data on battle logs?


I don’t know if hiding the friend code would be the right thing to do, since some types of complaints are made through this for a cleaner game, but something definitely has to be done for privacy, people don’t lose the possibility to go to private chat once they finished the game and emerged victorious, for example I’m trying a new OoO team that is still struggling to find the best way to deal with the meta in general and he’s getting some losses as usual and I’ve just gotten some Oh Gg bro great game !!! of some people I’ve met in pvp since I can remember but they never sent a greeting. It doesn’t bother me to lose, but it does bother me to be bothered with half-hour conversations, when really I’m trying to have fun with a new team . I think there should be something to help combat this :pray:


GG @LemonSqueezy
GG @TNCGodZeus



I wish everything would give just a simple Gg like yours friend. They prefer a sweet half hour conversation about how they destroyed you and as a strawberry they mention how even the game was :new_moon_with_face::rofl:


Yeah the one drawback is identifying cheaters I guess. I wonder if you give the time of the game and your friend code, then the devs can find the code of the other player.


Having the player codes easily available is super helpful to report bad acts, not just cheating but also acts like taking super long between turns or needlessly extending games which has gone down almost entirely since they introduced the player logs. Before that as a fairly weak player I would have lots of problems with that happening to me.

I also think the concern about the friend codes is overstated beyond a very small circle which is probably all on this forum. I think that vast majority of players don’t know the friend codes, so you can test new teams or whatnot just by changing the display name, which I understand is easy enough. For example, I played Zeus’s new one on one team, but the only reason I knew is because the username was TNC God Zeus. If it was a different name I would have no idea.


I understand your points. To be clear, my main point is about the lack of creativity, more so than the inevitable conversation. I think the players this affects is probably bigger than you think. The vast majority of the top 50 or even 100 are on the forum. And because they tend to do well, they will drive the meta and influence.

Removing it might make it harder to report though, yes.

The ideal scenario would be to remove the friend code, have a add friend and report buttons there instead. :+1:t2:

That’s helpful, and I like that idea. One other idea I had that would maybe work to increase diversity at the top is, in addition to having a monster limit list, also have a rotating featured monster list where you get an RP boost (or less decrease) if you’re using some of those mobs? I know it wouldn’t really matter for most players but the players competing for the top 50 that could make a difference and encourage them to incorporate those monsters (which would hopefully require different types of strategies). One possible problem would be if everyone just copies the same “best” strategy with the available mons, but it could possibly shake things up?

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I don’t think friend codes do anything about reducing creativity. People will copy teams that beat them, from the names of players they know are top players or that they seem being recommended online. Very few people will memorise friend codes to identify specific people and copy their teams… that’s honestly a bit ridiculous (unless I’m misunderstanding what was being said - I only skimmed things here).

As for needing to hide when you lose, I also think that’s ridiculous. Losses are part of the game and if people struggle with them for whatever reason that’s a personal issue they need to deal with. I don’t think game changes should be made because people are ashamed of their losses being broadcast or the way people treat them after the battle.

As for getting drawn into conversations after a battle, that’s also on the player. It’s your choice how you choose to engage with the community so if you don’t want to reply to a GG then don’t. Being part of a community comes with both positives and negatives, this is simply one of the negatives.

Side note: I feel that some of the responsibility of this falls to community moderators. They should discourage any negative behaviour between people about wins/losses in PvP so people don’t have to be so uncomfortable about it.


I constantly receive messages like:

“OMG is it true you lost to X?”
“Y is making fun of you in his clan group”
“You have the best collection ever, are you not ashamed to lose?”

I’ll tell you something.

I started this game as a pure collector, and still remain my main target.

I don’t care if I win or lose to Mr. Who, I don’t pretend to be perfect and to win always, sure I am proud of my results and I am proud about every milestone I reach day by day.

I won’t hide my friend code for two reasons:
First: I don’t feel the need to win always or I don’t let bad comments draw my morale down.

Second: If I consider the small amount of haters I have, I have also to consider all people that showed me love and respect.

So I really thank the community.




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I like this

That’s cool, but many players on discord said the opposite.

It’s not about hiding, it’s about peace and not being constantly notified each time.

I think it’s fair to have players request their information is not shown. Whether another party feels it’s valid or not. It’s optional. In the UK you can go to any company and ask them to purge all data they have on you. I like that.

That’s a really good attitude towards it :slight_smile: It’s too easy to focus on the negative stuff you have to deal with and sometimes it’s more in your face than the positive.

And did they have any reasoning behind saying that?

As DonT does, you can ignore it. I get a lot of random people messaging me on the forum or commenting on my videos with stuff like “Can I have your restore code?”, “Halp meeee”, “I can’t log into the game, my brother/sister did something and now it says online is blocked” and “Help me build a team”. I pick and choose what to engage with.

For you in specific, you chat a lot on both the forum and discord and are a big community figure. You do all your gameplay in PvP, so you’re constantly encountering other people. It’s not rocket science that the result is you get spammed by people about PvP. I’d personally either ignore almost all the messages and when they cry about no response tell them “I’m sorry but I don’t have time to chat after every match, I’m mainly here to play the game itself” or just have a standard reply like that which you send each time. That’ll eventually deal with most of the people who harass you and it’ll simply become the randoms who send you the odd message.

The reasons I gave above.

You can do that with junk mail too, but you should have the option not to receive it if possible. Same with emails. You have an unsubscribe option.

Other people on this thread pointed out flaws in the idea of hiding a friend code and they are valid points. So we consider ways around that. You simply say it’s not a big issue. Just ignore it.

Ultimately KD,

Discord members have noticed this,
Zues has experience of it as per this thread
Don does too, although doesn’t bother him as much.
I find this annoying too

Yet because your experience is either different, or you think it should be handled the same way, you’re going to argue and argue this and I can’t be bothered to go down a rabbit hole with you again.

Ultimately what I’m asking for is an option, take it or leave it. If it doesn’t suit you, don’t use it. But don’t argue against something that won’t affect you in the slightest, because you think your position or point of view is more valid.

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I wasn’t looking to argue about it. I just voiced my opinion on the topic (that it falls on players to deal with it and the memorising on friend code is only for a tiny number of people that it matters) and you seemed to have taken it a little personally - not my intention so I’ll stop here :slight_smile:

I know me calling stuff “ridiculous” comes off a bit strong, but I didn’t mean to aggravate you with it. Next time I’ll try to remember to tone it down a bit with you and make it clear I’m only criticising the points. Please next time don’t sideline me with something like “this doesn’t affect you so your opinion is not valid”. In this case, I’ve literally spent 8 years as a community figure and for much of that time being the only mouthpiece between the company and the community (for another game) so been on the frontline of negativity, hate and experienced getting drawn into lots of conversations I don’t want to have, some quite horrible. Dealing with getting mocked about PvP is on the low end of things compared to that, which must be why I’ve taken this harsh view. Sorry again, and I hope that explains things.

I’m not aggravated at all. Just don’t want to get into a long discussion over something that would be optional, if it doesn’t negatively affect you. All good!

Yeah as much as the word “ridiculous” sometimes can implicate bad reactions in people, I didn’t feel like me or @Killerdog were trying to make people change mind, is obvious that for some people having the restore code on display is not making them feel comfortable.
So devs should consider your requests as community and get back to you, but for me no big deal so I don’t feel I want to stick for this cause.

what about Zeus though?

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You both had a different approach.

Yours was - ‘yes, I get messages like this all the time, but I just ignore them’ Fair enough! Good response and no invalidating my points based on what you think other people need. You don’t seem to be discouraging the idea in anyway, you’re simply saying it’s not something you require which is fair enough :blush:

KDs is a different approach, he is speaking for others as he claims it’s an overall minority, not just speaking for himself. He also disagrees with the entire point which engaged the discussion. For example seeing friend codes reduces creativity. Personally I feel like it does.

I know A LOT of players who recognise codes OR will have someone in a clan who does. I think if players weren’t afraid of being recognised, they would try more stuff. This was the feedback I got from discord and some others so I raised it here.

All I was saying in my response was, this change would not negatively impact KD in anyway (or others), so I don’t feel the need to argue something that’s optional and he can simply ignore. Also, his perception of who this affects or doesn’t is no more valid than mine, so that’s just a stalemate. I’m going on recent discussions with other players.

But if it’s optional and not negatively impacting you, why argue against it? That’s my point :blush:

Got nothing against KD and I’m certainly not aggravated by it :sweat_smile: I’m just explaining myself that’s all.