Thanks active people :D

I love how some people post constantly and help out noobs and the like. I’m sure that they have invested some time in the forums here and I’d like to say thanks to them and that their services are appreciated :smiley:

Not sure exactly who this is directed at, but you are certainly welcome :slight_smile: I love the forums :smiley:

This is directed tword anyone who posts actively (such as yourself) and who contributes worthwhile content that keeps these forums running :smiley:

Well thank you :slight_smile: glad to be of some help!

We’ll Thanks Surgage101.

Well we are glad to help you guys if you have any questions or just chat about…anything! :slight_smile:

Everyone is ready to help you ! 

And don’t forget to tell ur friends to come play this game and if they are already playing this refer them to this forum :smiley:

Enjoy your stay

We’re glad to help! Hope you enjoy the comunity as much as i do!

That’s extremely kind of you, Supergage101! 

Not sure if I fit the category, but I’ll say thank you too. It’s great to be in such a wonderful community with such wonderful people.

Thanks all Im not the one who really needs help considering I have spent around 100+ hours on dragon island multiple challange runs and completed the tournament :stuck_out_tongue: glad to see that people like responding to my stuff Im about to go ham on hunter island and play it.  a lot. 

Is there any other way to play? :wink:

My favorite mix is going on the forums… while playing!

It’s the only way I can multitask haha ^^