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Do you like to have more team tabs?
  • I need more team tabs
  • It’s just right
  • Too many tabs already

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The other feature we really need but no one talks about:

Saving the spaces between monsters lol


More of a fun proposal - but I kinda wish each monster had a “Kill Count” or “Kills” number - something that would accumulate as your monsters got kills in PvP. It wouldn’t have any impact on stats or performance, but would just be cool to see which of your mons are racking up the most kills. Could be like an additional sort feature similar to “Stars” “Bonus” “Speed” etc. I envision it never resetting and only counting kills in PvP. Again, it would be more of a fun feature but it could also help a little with team building.


They could also add in rewards like:
-One monster reaches 100 kills in PvP (5 gems)
-Five monsters reach 100 kills in PvP (10 gems)
-One monster reaches 500 kills in PvP (25 gems)

I think you get the idea

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if the game adds more and more features its storage will add too right?

Depends on the features. If we’re considering daily/weekly/etc. missions, they’re often just requirements. The Devs would probably only need to implement a new piece of code, in order to keep track of the events you want to base the missions on.

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Maybe the tab system could be changed into a dynamic system, that you can add and remove tabs (to keep it clean) and to have a sub-level. I like to give an example:

  • PvE
    • PvE
    • PvE Test
  • PvP
    • PvP
    • PvP Special Rule
  • Whales Treasure
    • Fire
    • Water
    • Plant
    • Holy
    • Death
    • Storm
  • Son 1
    • PvP
    • PvE
  • Time Attack
  • Game of Hordes

Like that, I think you know what I mean.

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If I see the SuperCell games, they add lots of this statistic values in the last years. How much damage each character did, and such values even get rewarded. So I think it’s not a problem in general to count statistcs.

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