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Can Anyone Make Me a Good PVP Team from these monsters

define “good”…

if you dont want to go for the usual Shadow Frontline of Noxdragon, Demontoad, Shadow Stun Absorber (usually bitterbeast or Darkstag) and random shadow monster then you can probably make a semi decent link Fire team.

something like Ashterios, Capybaragon, Robinator, Wavetail, Oroboros (use unwanted friend), Spikieblaze, Mantisamurai, Leoronix, Aurodragon, Santabeast (use its yuki making move - if Aurodragon is there you might get to do this twice and yukis are basically monsters that can one hit kill a lot of things whuch is really useful in PvP. ), stun bomb, galvbane, sentiguard, put a Protector with hold ground at the ebd of your team and it will take some hits for the yukis so you can pull it off.


If you want to use your mythic, you can use epic monsters with Give Turn to help him use Crescendo Dance again and again. When the Crescendo Slash button sparks, you’re ready to go!

Also, you could build around Emeraldeus (the green bird). If you can keep it alive and use Deathmark again and again, it can obliterate even super buffed enemies. I wouldn’t leave it in the endgame, though. Its most powerful move is deathmark (not mentioning secret skill), and since it relies on time, in the endgame it may come a bit too late.

Hello all, I’m very new to this game and am wondering if I could get some help building my team to the best of its potential. Here is what I have to work with:

I do have 3 other screenshots with monsters I own but I can only post 5 at the moment. Is there any monster/s I should be prioritising? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

it’s easier to read screenshots of the “list view” section for future reference.

Depending upon your Hero Rank this looks like a very good starter account.

don’t spend any more gems until you reach 500 for the shrine (unless you buy gems). your account is strong enough to handle most of what you need to be facing to get to 500.

Don’t let yourself level up too quickly though. once you reach HR 100 you basically won’t be able to win in PvP as it gets a lot harder.

first monster you should evolve is Vizgiarid, then either Shieldragon or Mantiferno. Satomi is also good. emeraldues needs a good link earth team to work to its maximum capacity, however it is still a strong monster in PvE thanks to Deathmark.

When you are able to unlock Hellfoxes Rebirth SS (secret skill) do so and you can use it on Revenarchion to set 2 chains of reven/noxegg going at once which is very difficult for AI and also some players to deal with.
in the meantime you can use the sacrifice reanimate guy to do the same.
in time you can get 3 chains going at once.
your link earth isn’t actually that bad tbh. emeraldues would probably be able to work.
I’d still evolve vizgiarid first though.

also its usually good practice to have a stun absorber/counter in your frontline.


Thank you for your time and the very detailed input :+1: my hero rank is 56. I’m struggling with chapter 11 of the story and some of the online event stuff. I’m wondering if I’m just not placing my monsters efficiently. I’m not sure who you mean by sacrificial revive guy unfortunately :shushing_face:

Hey guys, recent player here, could anybody help me building a decent build to get through PvE and perhaps a couple PvP to try and gather a few more gems? Thanks in advance!

suggest me a team with these monsters

It’s always the same.
try to develop your legends first .
And then you have to learn over time which monsters go together.

We’ve all been at the point of learning this, for us it’s hard to tell which team to run as the meta is always changing.

you will find that it takes time to build good teams.
You won’t get far with just one team, your collection will grow over time and you must learn from the battles you lose.

The most important thing is that you first fully develop your monster and try to save gems to hatch new monsters✌️

With your collection you will build a good OoO frontline which is great to run .

You can build a good endgame too with nova and oberwatchl lion etc … try it out for yourself :clap: